Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Blues...Though I'm not...


inter isn't especially my favorite time of year, which is why I'm glad I live in Arizona. It's a lovely 62 degrees outside today and I'm sitting in the house with the french doors open to my happy little courtyard. It's quite lovely.

I have a lot of random thoughts floating around inside my head and several things I've thought of writing a blog post on lately...but honestly, I'm having a hard time putting all those thoughts into a cohesive blog. So I will just say that my mood is a bit more hopeful lately and I think the weather has a lot to do with that...I love the sun.

But winter always reminds me of the color blue, especially January. So in honor of that, here are some blue images I've come across lately. Blue was a big color last year in decor, especially turquoise and peacock. Do you know what this year's color of the year is? (according to people who spend their time predicting what's hot and what's not) Pink! (a specific shade of pink called honeysuckle) so of course, we'll think pink soon. But while we still have winter let's enjoy some cool blue ideas:

First of all, who can resist the Tiffany blue of this room? Paired with the black and white and the pink, it's genius. Also note the brown tufted bench, it work's very well..why? It's a neutral color. Some people worry about mixing their neutrals - if you start with black and whites you have to stick with black and whites, etc. Not true, you can add in a beige or a brown or a gray quite nicely.

I applaud anyone who can make this bold electric blue work. I love it, but I know from experience it's a really really tough color to incorporate into a room. It works here because of all the black and white, especially the white! And I also love the pop art work in the center. Gives it the punch of fun it needs with a color this bold.

Again, this could be a tough color as well - bold santa fe turquoise, but I love love love how it looks with the green! And that one red lampshade is super smart, adding just a smidge of warm color in a cool room.

This room is very simple, but it's also quite restful. I love this balanced blue - bordering on a peacock, but very tranquil. Again, check out all the neutral's paired here to make it work.

Another super crazy blue! Working again because of all the white and the neutrals. The red rug is the perfect compliment.

I ADORE this bedroom. I love the little touches of orange with this super excellent color which almost defies description!

I might have posted this bedroom before, I'm not positive. I know for sure that bedspread is Anthropologie because I've lusted after if for a very long time. Just a great use of and balance of colors in what could be an overwhelming room.

Ahhhhh.....restful restful restful. I never have the restraint to pull off these more minimal designs, but I do appreciate it.

Right now I happen to think sticking a black and white stripe couch, pillow or artwork in any room with almost any color makes everything seem put together and sophisticated.

Don't you LOVE those pillows? I love all these colors together with the cool blue walls.

How much do I love this???? SO MUCH. I just absolutely can't get enough of the dia des los meurtos design elements. I have quite a bit of that in my house as well. And the mexican blue here really ties everything together so nicely. What a great room!

Minimal restraint done perfectly.

Okay that exact shade of turquoise is so hard to find in that pefect hue. If anyone in my life ever buys me a vase like this I will love them for the rest of my life and add them to my will.

Again, the PERFECT turquoise.

This makes me miss domino magazine again (oh domino...I've never missed a magazine as much as I miss you). Genius little entry way don't you think?

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That first room literally has me salivating!!!!


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