Friday, January 28, 2011

Per your request...well, sort rooms

I like to check the search results for the blog a few times a month, it's still interesting to see what people google. What's weird is to realize that sometimes people google me personally and put really odd stuff into google along with my name. I can't figure out if they know about my blog and wonder if I wrote on a particular topic or if they really think google is a magic 8 ball of sorts with all kinds of secret information to share about me. What's even weirder is to think that someone actually is curious enough about me to google such things, and yet obviously isn't close enough to me to just ask me themself. But such is the nature of the internet I guess where any random thought we have is 'googleable' right?


One thing that people do google almost every day is ideas for kids rooms, teen rooms and nursery's. And I think really I've only done maybe one blog on that with some random sprinkles of ideas here and there. So to try to make it up to those folks who end up directed here and then find the blog woefully lacking in actual ideas on those topics, here's a post dedicated to you. Cute kid room ideas I've been holding on to for a while (and by the way...I'm so sad, one of my computers is kind of kaput, and it was the computer I saved all my images there are HUNDREDS of great room ideas on that computer now probably lost forever, such a bummer)...but I digress, on to kids rooms:

I soooo love this. I goes along with my love of all things typography and what a fun idea - if I were doing a project like this I would just take my time and collect these as I saw them. So fun. And I love those cute little garbage tins down there - you could also use them as storage, diaper pails, etc. They come from IKEA.

Yes it's very "pretty pretty princess" but... I love how the black and white rug adds a level of sophistication to the room. The pint in the crib is so modern and fun and that yellow love poster just tops off the room absolutely perfectly. When you're designing a kids room, try to think along the same lines you would when designing any other room in your house. Good design doesn't have to fly out the window just because it's a baby nursery or children/teen room.

How great is this? I have no idea how involved this would be in terms of construction/design. It looks pretty straight forward if you have a modicum of carpenter skills (and/or can hire someone with some skills...which is probably what I would have to do) - but I really think it looks so great and it's such a space saver rather than a massive piece of furniture/bunk beds. Some of those bunk beds take up so much space, even while they are saving you on some floor space, they are sucking up a lot of space in sheer mass. I also really love the gray and yellow together. Very now.

Hot diggity do I love this. First of all, HUGE fan of red paired with turquoisey colors right now. Second, I think this poster is perfection. Third, I love the wall paper pattern. Fourth, I love the spare lines of the bed and built in designs. Wood floor just tops it all off and makes it seem warm. Really really great.

Jonathan Adler, why must you spoil us so with your perfection? Isn't this just THE BEST? Such a sophisticated little girls room. But honestly, this type of bed would not be hard for anyone to duplicate! And think how much you would have loved a bed like this when you were a little girl!

I've seen several examples of beds like this lately, two smaller examples follow below (unfortunately I forgot to save a larger jpg of these and now I can't find them on the site I thought I found them on in the first place). This is an excellent way to save space and a hugely great way to stick a bunch of kids in the same room. I've seen some versions of this in real life in a large family and it's a really fantastic idea!

(isn't this the cutest!)

if a person had a summer home with lots of visitors, this would be a great idea too...

These dots are a super simple idea, but they really look great! Remember you can trace a perfect circle on the wall with a compass.

I wish this was bigger, but I love that light treatment! All those different shades! What a fabulous idea!

Again, the jpg is too small, but one of my favorite sophisticated nurseries. The wall paper is divine, but look how they've paired it with the hyde rug and chic little chair, elevating the design level of the whole room! Great ideas here.

I'll continue to keep my eyes open for great kids design and share when I find it.

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