Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Craft Projects - Am I Being Bizarre? Or am I Being a Genius?


ee these? Do you sort of love them? I sort of do. I've been saving photos of ones I've seen that I really like for a while. And I am thinking on a wall, in lieu of art, they can be super cool. AND EASY! Okay but I also love these: If you're super hip and cool and/or you grew up in the new wave era of the 80s you probably recognize the reference. That's part of a Smith's song (one of my faves) - so is this:

Now here's the thing. I really love to do embroidery. Seriously. I find it very relaxing and I thought I might take it up again as something to do with my hands while I am watching tv - sort of a de-stressing kind of activity. I used to love it, but then I just lost the time to do it somewhere along the line. BUT...

To be honest, I am not a big fan of projects like this:
Now please don't take offense if you're a big fan of these - but when you go to look for embroidery patterns this is the kind of kitschy stuff you find. And then I just kind of think....yeah...I guess I don't want to embroider all that much after all.

But then when I saw these embroidered hoops and the Smiths lyrics I thought - what if you wrote down some really weird lyrics to some of your favorite songs and embroidered them?

What if it said "girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know it's serious....there are times when I could have murdered her, I would hate anything to happen to her. Do you really think she'll pull through?"

Or "Over Elkin Avenue a helium balloon, disappears into the sky, you give some money, to a junkie, watch as the sunny day drifts by..."

or "Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better."

Or "a blessed sunny day so we'll go where we're happy and I'll meet at the cemetery gates, Keats and Yeats are on your side, while well, the lover Wilde is on mine"

"all the thoughts in my head, all the words that were said, all the blues and the reds, get to me"

"I don't care if mondays blue, tuesdays gray and wednesday too, thursday I don't care about you, it's friday, I'm in love."

I mean the possibilities of obscure, but well loved, and odd song lyrics are endless...

Okay so what do you think? Am I being a weirdo or a genius? OR both. :) Come on you, can be honest...


Mamie Coffey said...

I have been collecting "hooped fabric" pics, too- with the same thot; Ok, cool potential here because, they are simple, & so many fabrics are just gorgeous- it is shame to cut 'em up to sew with them, yet- those hoopy things are sooo reminiscent of lacey, weird embroideries everyone had in their house when I was growing up.... But, still, I could make them cool. Right?!"

The addition of random song lyrics = a win in my book! As you have probably noticed, I post them as my status on a very regular basis.

(So with you on the kitschy embroidery stuff. Blech! But, I do love hand arts- I do quite a few of them myself. I like to "weird-genius-ize" them to make them RAWK!)

Jenny-Jenny said...

I have never seen those before but I really love them. I think they would look totally cool over my bed.

Cynthia said...


Suzanne Barker said...

I think they look totally awesome. I have to admit I do like some of the kitschy embroidery stuff. But you can do anything you want!
And I am a big fan of working on a project while watching tv.

Selena said...

Wow. I haven't seen hoop-framed swatches used in decor in over 20 years. But things come around and go around. Some of the arrangements made the idea more contemporary. A fun way to showcase some fave textiles or embroidery. Have fun!

Sarah said...


Hilary said...

These hoops are super cool!


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