Monday, April 19, 2010

The Blog Cafe

A long time ago in Rexburg Idaho, I was in Junior High (except it doesn't seem that long ago...) and I hung out with a group of girls who were pretty awesome. And one of those girls was named Jenny.
(that's Jenny in the pink on the end in the back, the other friends are counter clockwise and to her left, Alicia, Me, Tamaki (a foreign exchange student that Jenny befriended I believe), Kari, Tirzah and Tina.)

And then she moved in high school to Orem Utah. And we all missed her and even took a road trip one time to visit her (and we were shocked that our parents let us drive to Utah when we were 16 and pretty silly...and Provo/Orem actually seemed like a REALLY BIG place compared to Rexburg...and we saw the movie Footloose and it was awesome and there was a lot of screaming in the car and general goofiness, but I digress...) Anyway, so I kept in touch with Jenny and actually talked with her pretty often in college. But then she got married and I got married and we sort of lost touch, but through the magic of facebook. I found her again.

And then I found her blog and remembered why I always liked her so much (that's the Jenny-Jenny blog on my sidebar). I always liked that she was such a positive person to be around - very sunny. Anyway, today is the beginning of something called the Blog Cafe which is today being hosted on Jenny's sister's blog. Go check it out. It will happen every Monday, and on the 24th of May, I'll be hosting it here. It's a chance to hang out somewhere and have a chat and get to know some people who you may never meet in real life. The blog host picks out a spot to host the cafe and picks the topic of conversation and then you can just check in anytime you are able on your Monday to join the conversation for a moment and pick up some virtual treats. Today JoLyn is treating us to cookies and frozen hot chocolate at a place called Smart Cookie. It's perfect for me because I'm on a diet, but able to have an ice cream sandwich all the same.


Eric Nielson said...

You were all pretty awesome.

JoLyn said...

Thanks for coming to the Blog Cafe! It's so fun to get to know you--and I'm excited to come when you are the host!

Selena said...

What a fun idea!

Jenny-Jenny said...

I don't know how this didn't come up in my reader. So glad you put it in facebook.

What a nice post. What a cute picture. We had so much fun that year. So many people say Jr. high was the worst time. Not for me. I love my jr. high years and love finding so many of the people again through the magic of fb.

Tamaki and I did become good friends, she was living with Tina's family. Thanks for the walk down memory lane and for the cafe shout out.


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