Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm exhausted

Rain Soaked (14)
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Do you ever drive around and get the feeling that your life would make a good and interesting movie (with proper editing that is) and then other times you think...nah, it would just be boring as all hell. That's what I think - both, all the time. Sometimes I listen to 91.5 on my radio (most of the time actually) which is NPR, which I love and don't even get me started on my This American Life obsession because I totally love that radio show - but sometimes I'm inside out and I listen to 95.1 which is Latin Vibe. Which is really weird and I have no idea why I do that. Most of the songs are in spanish, which I do not speak, except to catch the ocassional phrase here and there but that's me. Actually that sorta says a lot about me. That and the fact that I never listen to latin vibe when other people are in the car. That also says something too I guess.

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