Sunday, March 12, 2006


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From Sass as she tagged some folks on minday with this:

Six things no one sorta' doesn't know (well or most people anyway):

1. I'm terrified of birds...particularly blackbirds, ravens, seagulls, starlings and pigeons.

2. I fall asleep during chase scenes in movies - they bore me to death.

3. People blurt out personal things to me all the time - complete strangers, I have a certain affect on people.

4. I hate it if I hate someone and have to figure out a way to feel sorry for them instead so I can let go of the ill feelings.

5. I keep people's secrets pretty well.

6. I love to go the movies alone, and usually won't tell my husband or best friend if I do it - it's a SECRET.

That's all for today except:

Why do I over-commit myself so much where church is involved? I always feel this compulsion to say yes to everything and I feel terrible if I have to say no. And I think it's because I get easily annoyed with the people who say "I'm too busy, I can't" because then 10% of us end up doing 90% of the work and it's always that way. But I never want to be in that 90% who does the 10% of the work. But they're probably on to something if you think about it.

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