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Favorites and other random thoughts...It's late

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Four jobs I’ve had:

Picking Raspberries on my grandpas farm, early in the morning while in high school, he let me keep all the profits from the sale of said raspberries and the other main job benefit was that I would occasionaly see the boys moving pipe walking past with their shirts off and their wonderful summer tans displayed.

Information Desk girl at the College Campus (BYU Idaho - aka Ricks) where I basically worried mostly about looking cute every day because it was a great place to be seen and show off my fashion sense. Disemenation of information was actually only secondarily important. Actually flirting with co-workers and passer-bys while still trying to seem professional in my heels and skirt was second, disemenation of information third.

Worked for a complete hard ass as a secretary for 3 years and hold the record for working for that particular hard ass. So I feel sickly proud or like a complete massochist, I'm never sure exactly which.

Made shaved ice from a "sno shack" over one summer. Favorite flavor? (cause I sampled all 35 of them baby) mix some Tigers Blood and some Sour Pink Lemonade. You can't beat it. That didn't even seem like a real job. Except when you had to use the ice pick on the big humongous block of ice, I thought ice picks were made up devices used in movies to murder people. But they are real and they are sharp and they are hard to use and the COULD most defintely kill someone.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Let's start with a John Cusack movie and see if they all turn out that way or if I can come up with something other than my JC obsession:
1. Grosse Pointe Blank, love John, love Martin, love the premise, never gets old even though I now know every single solitary line of the movie
2. Pretty In Pink - cheesey yes, but 80s awesome, totally. And I still want to be Molly Ringwald and drive that damn Carmen Ghia. My parents very well might have ruined the 80s for me by not buying me that car. Never get sick of it.
3. The Graduate. It never gets old. I notice new nuanced lines every time I watch it. Benjamin at the bottom of that pool...doesn't everyone feel like Benjamin at the bottom of the pool half the time?
4. Amelie. Greatest film ever maybe. So gorgeous, so oddly uplifting. Makes me want to live in Paris and you could even watch it with the sound off and it would satisfy over and over and over, but with the sound on and the Yan Tiersen soundtrack, you can't go wrong.

Four places I’ve lived:

Rexburg Idaho
West Yellowstone Montana
Salt Lake City Utah
Charlottesville Virginia

(that's not an all inclusive list but that's 4)

4 TV shows I've loved:

6 Feet Under!
Brady Bunch
The Office

Four places I’ve vacationed:

Tough to list just four but
1. London/Scotland
2. Rocky Point Mexico
3. San Francisco California
4. Disneyland

Four of my favorite dishes:

Pastas - especially Farfalle With Chicken from Cheesecake Factory

My own fried chicken

Panda Orange Chicken

Kiddy cereals...esp, Captain Crunch, Apple Jacks & Honey Smacks with skim milk!

Four sites I visit daily:

Mindsay (secretive lair of JC fans)
Go Fug Yourself

Four places I would rather be right now:

Vegas baby (preferably the spa at the Mandalay)

On a warm beach, white clean sand, diet coke at hand, licorice, bad magazines, good books, comfy chair, cool clean ocean water to dip in whenever I feel like it.

Bed, sound asleep having really great, non-anxiety dreams.

London, just exploring.

4 Books I highly recommend:

1. Life of Pi

2. Catcher in the Rye (and if you come back and tell me you didn't like it I will probably not ever see you in the same light ever again, also you have to at least imagine that you're about 19 while you're reading it)

3. To Kill A Mockingbird

4. The Bell Jar

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