Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's not scribble scrab if it's beautiful

Twice this week I heard the word "scribble scrab"

Once it was a 9 year old client putting down her own art work by comparing herself to her sister's more controlled painting and calling hers "scribble scrab".

The other was when another client age 7 and his sister age 5 were arguing about who had the better drawing and he accused her of "just doing scribble scrab".

In both cases I honestly liked the "scribble scrab" painting or drawing more than the other one.

Children with deep emotional problems often use art as part of their therapy.  It's also a way to get to know them and spend time with them without any pressure.  Kids love to jump into an art project.  But sometimes they are so critical of their own creations.

As adults, we sort of get into the habit of looking at people who can reproduce something really well and calling all such things of that nature "art" while struggling to see the art in things which are not exactly representational.

But if it's beautiful, makes you think or feel, or expresses something big - isn't that also "art".  Or even the point of art itself?

Here are some grown up artists who I expect my clients might say do "scribble scrab", but who are creating something much more than that:

Jong Ro

Anne Harper

Anne Laure Djaballah

emily Mcnally

Tobias Tovera

Eric Blum

mia christopher

Shane McAdams

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