Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Major Room Make-Over - Sophisticated Chic

I am very PROUD to finally reveal the photos of the room remodel project for Jordan's room which received the finishing touch of a chandelier today.

Remember this project?  Yeah I know, it was a while ago that I started this!

Here are some before photos:

Too bad I didn't really capture how kind of awful the room was before.  Emerald green carpet, yellow and lavender walls, and a general feeling of sadness.  The bed was a massive bunk bed which almost reached the ceiling and became quite cumbersome to climb in and out of - it was meant to leave enough room for a desk underneath, but in effect, it just made the room seem unwieldy and uncomfortable in general.  Nothing really matched and the IKEA dresser we had broke beyond repair.

We started out by putting a million paint chips up on the wall to find the perfect pink.  It was hard!  It took weeks just to get through this part.  It needed to be the perfect pale pink - not so light that you wouldn't realize it was pink, but not dark at all.  Subtle as possible while still being obviously pink and no harsh tones or bubblegummy.  Sophistication was the word and the thing we were looking for.

Once we got everything out of the room we started ripping up the carpet.  Originally I was going to have people come lay new carpet.  But I was getting impatient with certain budgetary constraints of this project and opted to start ripping into it with the help of my kids.  We cut if out with a kitchen knife thank you very much.  

(this carpet survived baby and toddlerhood and preschool and elementary school and all 3 kids lived in this room at one point - you can imagine how bad it had gotten - oh and every time our old dog was sick he went in this room to throw up on this carpet!)

Once we got the carpet and the pad up and thrown into the trash (not that easy of a feat in case you were wondering) we found the old stick on tiles that were underneath.  I said let's chisel those up and get to the old brown concrete floors underneath.  I knew they were there because when we got the loan for the house FHA made us carpet.  Some tiles came off easily.  Other had to be chipped one tedious spot at a time.  

If you're going to scrimp somewhere - don't scrimp on the paint!  I love Dunn Edwards.  

Can you imagine how fun this project was to clean up all those little pieces of tile?  Holy cats.
So for month we toiled away at this project.  My fantastic friend Shannon found us the dresser and the vanity for free!  I repainted them in a "shabby" style with a slightly off white paint.  She also found us the chandelier and night stand.  Jordan's dad bought her a new bed at his place and let her move this bed to our house.  I shopped at Ikea for bedding and curtains and made the curtains that are on the closet door.  We made our own artwork by printing black and white photos that represented places - one for Paris, London, Hollywood, New York and Rome.  These "collage" things have kind of become a signature project for me.  I love making them.  We did the same thing on the back of her door but with black and white photo copies of pictures of Jordan from the time she was a baby up to and including a few recent photos.  In the end I think it turned out fantastic!  
The end result is a sophisticated shabby pink room for teenage girl.  We're very happy!  
Enjoy the afters:

Ikea Bedding, Artwork by me

free vanity, already had the shabby chair, free mirror (Jordan eventually went over to Shannon's one day to do work off some of our "free")

We just think these are darling even though there's rarely a chance to wear them.  

I love how the light filters through these gray sheers in the late afternoon (Ikea sheers)

There are two of these mirrors - one above the vanity, and one to check your make up before you walk out the door

Place for her change and a bobby pin holder she made in pottery class.  The lamp is vintage with a new shade - my son bought us the lamp at a rummage sale for couple of bucks. 

My oldest son used these in a mural project outside.  Jordan co-opted the cut-outs for her wall. 

This cupboard of dolls is vintage as well. It was not only mine when I was a little girl but it was also my aunts when she was a little girl.  Most of the dolls are story book dolls.  

I couldn't resist a photo of her cute post-it notes...she's the best.

I made a curtain for the closet door from material purchased at Michael Levine when I was in LA - it was on sale in bulk so this whole curtain probably cost about a buck. 

part of the back of her door

We just decoupaged the heck out of that thing.  Jordan did most of the door by herself.  It was her idea after I did the other art work.  And best part - it was FREE!  :)

Fairly inexpensive Ikea rugs I laid on top of the cement floors.  I bought three of them to cover most of the room where you walk.  

It's kinda great yes?


Suzanne Barker said...

Looks great Lezlee! I can't even get my place painted.

Cynthia said...

It's kind of REALLY great! It's especially cool because you got to do the project with Jordan. I bet she loves it.


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