Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Taste the Rainbow!

Since I have almost zero time this month for posting, between school and my child's wedding (hopefully, fun photos of that coming up next month, including what I think are some fun wedding ideas!) - I thought maybe instead I would just dump out all my color photo files to give you a full month of color inspiration in all the flavors of the rainbow (given this should only take me about 5 minutes per post).  Normally I space these out, but heck, let's just upload away and see what we've got in files laying dormant.

Maybe you'll see something especially inspiring that will prompt you to do something new or fun in your home.

Today's color:  RED

I predict red to become more and more popular over the next couple of years - in varying shades, from hues bordering on coral to bright shades of all hues and tones!

Here's what I've collected so far this year:

Things to remember about red:  Red looks good in almost any tone.  It looks fabulous paired with white.  You don't need a full room of it for it to have a big impact, sometimes less is more.  It also looks great with black and yellows and blues.

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