Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Your Walls Happy - Art Placement and Scale

I love thinking about different ways to hang art and display images on walls.  And I'm not talking about hanging it "properly" at eye level (which IS important...) but rather, the way that you use art in a room to make an impact or a statement, lend a sense of élan, or provoke some poetic thoughtfulness.

Here are some great finds of late:

Why this works so well:  In this understated and slightly industrial room, your eye is completely drawn to this painting full of feeling and personal meaning.  It keeps the room warmer than it would be otherwise.  But at the same time, the neutrals of the painting allow the room to remain monochromatic as the owner intends.  Monochromatic rooms have their own particular feel which is very thoughtful.  Besides that, it's a beautiful painting. 

Okay, what's great about this is, it's not a painting, but actually mostly sculpture or folk art work, but it all works so well together in this book case.  I love that each section is mostly one item by itself.  Can you see how each item would lose it's impact if they were paired with other items?  But this way they all stand out individually while making the room much more layered, textured, and interesting.  Plus the pop of green in the chair is great too.

The point here is that most people would not put that massive painting in this space - but actually, it's a genius idea.  The room seems so much bigger and so much more interesting because of it.  

This isn't for everyone, but I stumble across this image now and again, and I just really like the feel of this.  Probably because I like graffiti art and I actually have a triptych that reminds me of this.  AND I created my own collage that reminds me a little of this too.  I think it's great.  

Here they've gone for a pop of color in the painting in the midst of this huge white space.  That color becomes a very specific focus and really lends drama to the room.  It's also great that the painting is so big.  Don't be afraid to chose art work that completely covers a wall almost - especially if it's a small wall like this in a larger space.  But even sometimes in a small space, it works really well too.

What I loved here is that you can only see the paintings in the mirror - but it's a very cool effect.  I also love these sort of austere looking dudes up on the wall in the bathroom.  Art in a bathroom should never be taken TOO seriously in my opinion.   I have some of my most fun art in the bathroom.

Here I love how the room is FULL of art.  And I also love that only one of the pieces of art work is really providing color in this neutral room.  It really has a nice effect.  It's okay to fill a space with art work if that's what you want to do. You just need to very carefully make decisions about how it will all fit together.

Love the bold color in this sunny room!  If you're scared of going too bold with painting your space, the art work can be bold in place of bold walls.

This is such a nice display.  But that blue just lends such a perfect note to this whole tableau doesn't it?

Okay seriously?  Is that George Michael, circa "Faith" up there on the wall?  Yes it is!  Can you display any more clear way to say, yes, I have a very serious home and yes, I have a very good sense of humor all in one space?  I don't think so.  This is simply awesome.

I love the juxtaposition of this wall, floor, chaise along with the neon Abe.  It just works.

This room would be totally boring without that one painting up there.  It was chosen for that spot because it forces you too look up and it creates a little well placed musical note in the room. 

Another great idea in a long hall way or along any long wall.  Trying to hang art in a space like this can be tough but displayed like this, with lots of things grouped together works really well.

I love neon art decor.  It tends to be pricey, but there have been times when I have been super tempted to purchase some.  You can occasionally get some through a student show - many art students on college campus' learn to use neon in their classes and it's a good way to find something like this for less than you would normally pay.  It just makes this room seem so much more fun than it would seem otherwise doesn't it?

Gorgeous color.  Even if you aren't a huge fan of abstract paintings, think about what a great way they bring drama to a space.  This type of painting is a nice way to dip your foot into the world of modern art without having to feel that you "understand" it.  It will grow on you if you let it.

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Love looking at all these photos Lezlee. Some cool ideas.


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