Sunday, February 19, 2012

Best Kids Room Ideas

I'm in a slow process of working on my  daughter Jordan's room.  Part of that process is just culling and getting rid of a lot of stuff before we can even really get started in there.  She recently re-did her room at her dad's house too and it turned out really well.  She's got a budding sense of style.  When kids get old enough, it is kind of fun to let them do the choosing and have a lot of say in what their space looks like.  I'll post some photos as they become available of her room here at my house (right now it just looks like a closet and a dresser exploded in there).  Here is a photo of her room at her Dad's house, she just needs some art work:

Here are some other great rooms for kids from the past few months - some little and some bigger.

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