Sunday, May 08, 2011

Tickled Pink

In honor of Mother's Day, I thought I'd do something a little girly. How about some pink? Some women claim to not like pink. I have a soft spot for pink. When I was a little girl my room was pink. Sometimes, I think as a grown woman I wouldn't mind having a least one pink room in my house. As of yet I haven't had the nerve to do it, but I find inspiring images of great pink decor all the time.

Here's to pink:

There's something about this room that looks a little hotel'y' don't you think? But I love that coral pink color. I'd ditch the potted palm. And put some art work on the wall. But I find the color irresistible.

I feel like I've used this image before, but when I went looking for it on my blog I couldn't find it. Maybe I've just seen it a lot and I really like it. It's a nervy color to use, but I think pink bathrooms can be really fun and this bubble gum/hot pink is super cool.

This is BOLD. But I love it.

This bed with it's sweet little trundle almost reminds me of a guest room at your grandma's house, where you and your cousins can have a sleep over and sink into those big down duvet's and linen's that probably smell of fresh laundry soap. great wall paper!

You know when you're a little kid and you have an awesome play kitchen? Yeah, it's like that, only for grown-ups.

One of the best things I think you can do with pink is mix and match tones and add a spot of red.

This could be such a boring space, but doesn't the pink make it seem fun?

TOTALLY over the top. And fabulous.

A tricky color which really works with the oranges. That stool/table is covered in a sari. Isn't it great?

subtle and glorious.

Happy happy happy.

I can't resist a pink fridge and with a pink painted floor? Cuteness to die for.

The pinks in the pastel room are soooooo barely there. perfect pitch pink.

Luxuriously pink.

Beautiful with the celery green touches.

Maybe my very favorite of all these images. I just adore this bathroom.

the pink sofa just makes the room.

Adorable chairs.

I'd love to have this chair. You could make it work in an over the top room or a paired down space either one.

gutsy and great.

I love how when you visit historic homes they often went in for these bolder colors.

Possibly my favorite pink paint color of all.


calizona said...

A friendly note to the management:

I crave "subtle and glorious" (I think, who can remember an hour ago scrolling around all your pics?)
A distant second is the "couch makes the room" (ditto for the above aside)

For wanting to see it in person but not to live with it, I like the plastic play kitchen, the pink fridge, and the "barely there" rooms. f

Finally, for the extra room in my future mansion, I choose the one with the large sari-covered ottoman, sans the awe-full artwork and nasty matching wall sconces or whatever the heck they are. Everything about what's on the wall over there is tragically wrong.

Ok. Do I get a coupon or something?

Bandanamom said...

Your request is duly noted ma'am. I may consider numbering the photos in the future if it will help my clientelle. You will have a coupon shortly in the mail. Good for free scrolling anytime AND as a bonus, you may suggest songs for the playlist, one free week of songs of your choice! How's that?

(and I agree on the wacky painting and the wall scones or whatever the heck they are...the bug first off just because they are so darned symetrical which makes my eyes ache...the painting looks like a re-constructed Braque or something, which is just plain old wrong...but I did LOVE the color and the sari)


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