Monday, February 14, 2011

My Red Hot Valentine to You

Valentines it the day I both love and hate all at the same time.

First of all, if you're romantically involved, it might be a day when you get a diamond tennis bracelet and feel incredibly happy even though you know that it's a completely contrived holiday to fuel consumer spending and has next to nothing to do with anything substantive. I mean, who really cares when you're getting some fabulous jewelry right?

On the other had, if you're not getting a diamond tennis bracelet today, you might feel like it's your duty to inform everyone today that it's a meaningless holiday meant only to fuel consumer spending. And make everyone sort of hate you in the process.

It's a holiday fraught with potential doom and gloom as far as I'm concerned.

Have said that, I made sugar cookies with my kids today, and that was fun.

So while I'm of mixed emotions regarding the 'holiday' - I do think I would like to express my love to my dear readers, whoever you are, and wherever you may come from, with a red hot valentine of great red hot design.

So here goes:

This might be my very very fave. I have a small space in my house where I think I an get away with doing something like this and it sooooo inspires me.

This is so spare. I love it thought. Just beautiful and simple design.

I probably could have easily paired this with white images. BUT I have to say I super mucho mucho dig that table. I had a table to similar for a long time, and I totally regret that I gave it up.
Red bedrooms just sometimes look really over the top. But this one strikes a great balance with all the black and white and bedding that doesn't take itself tooooo seriously.

again, a lot of white here. But don't you love that chi chi little chair in their with the bust? That paired with the retro tile and the tent striping shower curtain makes this an incredibly happy bath room.
Yeah, it's a kids room. And maybe I should have saved it for a kids blog entry...BUT, don't you just adore it? I tend to think those crazy huge white polka dots against the red background could work just as well in a lot of other rooms - especially a grown up bedroom.

I currently have a room in my house which needs a door. And a closet which needs a door too. And as soon as I saw this I thought: Hey! Maybe this is a viable and inexpensive alternative until I can afford the doors I really want! So I really like the solution to a design problem a lot of people face. I mean, if I have two of these dilemma's myself, other people must have this problem too!

Happy Happy.


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Cynthia said...

Happy Valentine's Day back at you Ms. Lezlee. You can't go wrong with sugar cookies on Valentine's day. I love the reds. Especially the stripe bathroom. And the polka dot walled bedroom.


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