Friday, March 05, 2010

Oh my Gosh you look like SPRING!


peaking of color...

Today I was at the hair salon and someone complimented my bright orange bag (see previous post) - I also had on a sweater jacket which is almost the exact same color. The lady in front of me was wearing this really pretty turquoise, and to the side of me a woman was wearing a bold yellow jacket (which was nearly identical to an Anne Klein jacket I fact, I even wondered if it was the same one) and one of the girls who worked there exclaimed "Oh my gosh! You guys are making me so HAPPY! LOOK! You look like Spring!"

So in honor of spring, and because I love bold and bright, here are some bold and bright rooms to inspire you.

Lots of changes happening around here soon too - and I'll be taking some 'before' and 'after' photos of some new projects I'm going to get started on.

I love bold, but even I probably don't quite have the wherewithall to go this far...although, you know, why not? Life is short. Have fun.

In a million years I bet you would not do this purple striped wall with an almost toile floral red bedspread and a modern yellow lamp - you just wouldn't do it would you? But now I bet you wish you would have thought of it first. Because it's really kind of genius, in a really messed up and slightly dysfunctional way. Which, let's face, it all, genius' are sort of messed up and dysfunctional deep down aren't they?

(big sighhhhhhhh) this is from the now defunct Domino Magazine. I loved getting this in the mail every month. I'm sooooo very sad it's gone. But this room is lovely.

This is just frankly crazy awesome. And could you ever be depressed in a room like this? I think not.

Okay this couch and the photo below are similar to my crazy taste in couches - as in the one I had done in my front room. I know some people HATE this whole patchwork thing. But I just can't help it, as much as I know it's probably not high end sophistication, I just can't help but adore the slightly bohemian nature of it all in an otherwise formal setting.

Something about this is just so darned appealing don't you think? I mean, and I really don't like brown or beige walls or even anything close to brown or beige walls - but paired with this really great robin egg blue - isn't it just delightful?

Again, I am starting to feel like I was so ahead of the trend when I painted my entire perimeter wall in my back yard a bold purple. Seriously, I'm starting to see this. I thought it was MY idea. :)

Did you have a barbie dream house when you were growing up? I had the barbie townhouse. The one with the ELEVATOR. I freaking loved that barbie townhouse, 3 stories with a rooftop to lay out on my barbie lounge chair - and since I had a slew of malibu barbies they were always appropriately tanned. Anyway, Jonathan Adler decorated an entire house as though it were barbie's dream house all fully realized in real life. It's awesome.

I just want to live in this bed - I am want to hide in there forever don't you?

I liked how they paired the red couch and the green couch in the same room - how they weren't afraid to do that and then that light blue wall is really smart looking with all that bold. This is one of the houses I was up against in the color challenge on Apartment Therapy - luckily I went further than this room did - but I really liked it.

This room and the one below are almost so crazy cool you just would never do it. But you maybe SHOULD.

This isn't super crazy - I mean, they've mostly stuck with a color palette that all sort of goes together - but don't you love how that little bit of bold turquoise popping on the pillows and the edging makes everything just so extra great?

Call me crazy but this takes some balls. But it's hyper happy isn't it?

this is one of those bed coverings I would probably walk right past at the store and deem 'ugly' - but look at how great it looks in this otherwise calm and sedate room. It's perfect.

Here I just loved that crazy striped chair. I really NEED a chair like that one.

Soon I'm going to be re-doing myself an office at home and I'd love to come up with something like this - something super comfy but practical.

Look at the curtains - the panels don't even MATCH and this room looks so awesome.

Loved the lines of that sofa with the modern rug with that delicate chandelier.

Again, I know you aren't going to do dare do this. But it's so seriously fab.

Bright green curtains, with a purple couch with a red ottoman with a pink chair? Why not!

That's actually a blue wall behind that cream chair. It's hard to tell, on some monitors it reads black. But it's this really gorgeous blue and then paired with that yummy green pillow. I've just always loved this room - I've looked at it in my file folder a lot.

I swear I have got to figure out a way to do a room with this really bold grass green - I just REALLY love it right now.

Again with the awesome green.

This is just really simple, but what I was thinking was that when I was a student and I couldn't afford any decent artwork and I wasn't allowed to paint my walls - this would have been a good solution - bold fabrics that you like inside embroidery hoops and then hung on the wall in an interesting pattern. I dig this idea a lot.

This is just yummy - and why does it say muddy over there? Is that the mud room they are walking into? No one ever talks about those in Arizona - here everyone talks about "Arizona Rooms" or "Lenai's" and when we first moved here I had no idea what in the heck they were even talking about - also "arcadia doors" What the heck is an arcadia door I would wonder. And I would look around there house looking for a really weird or interesting door that I'd never seen before. Eventually I figured out they just mean "Sliding Glass Doors" which is what we call them in Idaho and Utah. Also in Idaho and Utah we have "mud rooms" which are entry rooms set apart usually off the garage, sometimes part of the laundry room, because with all that snowy weather you're always tracking in mud. But I don't know if that's why it says "muddy" or if these people are just being cheeky. Either way, I really like it.

Yeah by now I'm pretty sure you know why I love this.

Okay look, here again, there isn't that much special going on in this room except they've hung that really bold cloth up there at the top of the room. What a simple, but effective idea.

I'm almost certain I've used this photo before. Because I just heart it so darn much.

Love that blue paired with that lavender and that lime. And then with the chandelier? Be still my heart!

adore, adore, adore that headboard and then I love reds or oranges paired with that blue right now.

Okay so not technically "bold" but I mean - that wallpaper - I could just never commit to it long term - but I would want to date it. :)


Cynthia said...

That is just a feel good tour through some colors that I would be scared to try myself, but enjoy that someone else does it. You could pull off some of those ideas. You are smart enough to pull off some crazy things and have them look cool.

bandanamomtoo said...

Thank you Cynthia. Now that I have plans to re-do several rooms in the house (which honestly could keep me busy for the a lot of the remainder of the year to be frank) I am starting to seriously consider some even crazier color combinations and/or wall treatments than I have even in the past. The ideas are all still stewing in my head, but they are formulating and they are leaning towards the bold and crazy. What the heck? If I hate it I can always re-do it again right?

Groff Family said...

Hey Lezlee! I've been referencing your blog a lot lately to get some ideas to decorate my house. I'm so creatively challenged...that side of my brain just doesn't work. So it's been fun to look through months of your posts to see how to incorporate color. The real challenge will be seeing if I can do any of it. Probably not! :)

How are you guys? We miss you! There's a chance that I could be in Phoenix next week. If so, I will definitely let you know.


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