Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Braugh!

I know it's totally obvious to do a post on GREEN rooms on St. Patrick's Day, but why would I not? Green is my favorite color after all. So get your Irish on today people! (this does not have to amount of loads of drinking and general drunkery - just you know, wear green and thinking about painting a wall will suffice...though some people MAY want to get drunk, and then paint a wall green...and who am I to judge?)

Okay the wall color here is like the perfect green isn't it? It's my new fave.

Okay look at all the deliciousness going on here. The zebra striped rug? That gorgeous green, super cool fireplace, but check out the pink ceiling. Love it!

This is actually a pretty genius idea. There have been times when I have not had a headboard and this would look awesome.

Oh my much do I love this office and especially that CHAIR. I covet that chair.

This borders on being boring. But I did love the shade of green.

Isn't that cool? I can't remember for sure but I think this was from an online European kitchen. I love that tile work. With the farmhouse sink, the faucets actually being in the wall are so cool. I have a farmhouse sink and I love it.

Okay I really liked the green with the black and white checked tile. Super cool. But I also loved the plates on the wall. It's such a good idea sometimes. You have to be careful of what plates or it can turn granny on you real quick.

Don't want to paint the room green? Paint it white and paint the ceiling green!

Everything about this is LOVE.

This is a pretty shade of green. I had a green very similar to this in my family room for a long time - it's a little different shade now - though still close. Okay see how there are all these pastels going on here with the pink, etc. Elle magazine says this is the new trend in home decor. Pastel mixing. So your house can look like an easter house. I'm just saying, if you are a really cool person, you can make it work - and if you are generally not such a cool person, you probably shouldn't do it. It could go really badly on you and suddenly your house will look like a Jewish grandmother living in Florida.

I love this idea where you do stripes, but not really, it's just a gloss surface, and then non-gloss so it's really subtle.

Another amazing green and I love it paired with the hot pinks and oranges on the bed.

HATE that table and chairs. But love the crazy, "I might have taken a lot of acid" in the 60s wall.


I asked Kirk to paint this for me - I don't know if he will get around to it but I HEART it so much!

This green is almost yellow - and with that blue couch? It is to die for!

I just like how that touch of grass green back splash just MAKES this sing.

Just that bit of color - again, really makes this kitchen great. And how much do you love that round black table with the natural wood chairs? Adore.

If there is one thing you should have noticed from all my decorating photos on my blog, I am in love with this little mosaic tiles. Someday I want to re-do my hall bathroom with these. They are so darned expensive though.

Room could be a total snooze-fest but that green island makes it awesome.

Love this retro furniture!

Again, just paint ONE thing green, and you'll like your room better.

This is that almost bluey green - I really think this is a super restful and clean color.

Oh Seriously, you don't know how much I love this ridiculous room. It's just a stupid kind of love.

Even though that tile looks so outdated, this is just such a cute 'country' farmhouse kitchen isn't it? But this is as 'country' a look as I ever like...anything more than this and you risk kitchy.


Lindsey said...

Too many things on here that I love. I can't even comment.

Sarah said...

Green is my fav - forever! I really hope that Kirk get's around to painting the tennies!


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