Friday, February 19, 2010

Poetic Purple


h yeah...

I was going to include some purples during our "valentines" month.

I don't know why but something about this looks like an updated version of Mike & Carol Brady's bedroom doesn't it?

I'm so darn in love with the tufted headboards. I want one so badly.

Look what a great idea just by painting the inside of that cabinet!

Just those few little purple cabinets in this room make me LOVE this kitchen.

Ok who doesn't want a tub like that? Seriously guys.

How to do purple carpet without it looking ridiculous.

See that couch is technically more pink - but the wall color is kind of lavender I think - but I do love this room. (plus look at that awesome Chuck Close in the background)

It borders on being dreary in this room - I mean look at how bright and sunny it is outside? But still there might be days when this would be the perfect place to escape from harsh reality.


So cool and chic.

That window trim color comes across differently on different monitors because it's like almost pinkish but it has a lot of purplish in it too. But anyways. Cool room and a fun idea to just do the trim.

Like as if your grandma's bedroom suddenly became slightly sophisticated right?

I dearly wish for an office of my own like this some day.

What super cool person lives here? The mod orange accent pieces make it so great.

Am I in a wonderful apartment in Paris where I am about to lay down and have an awesome nap filled with fanciful dreams? Je l'aime.

Look how all these different colors work together in this room. Take a lesson kids. Really great.

Okay tired of lamps like this - and chairs like that - but really really dig the color of the curtain.

Yummy, yummy, yummy

This sort of inspired my own back yard and walls. Love.

What a great study. Doesn't it seem like you'd gain IQ points just by having a study like this in your house?

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Suzanne Barker said...

Hey Lezlee,
AIA home tour this year, coming up like April 24th I think? I'm going.. Be fun to have you come.


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