Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day Black & Gray


ost people know I am not a big fan of the rain.

Usually I am also not a big fan of Black or Gray rooms. But a rainy day seems like a good time to post exceptions to my usual dislike of such things.

Black & Gray rooms I actually like:
what I like here is that this gray looks like it almost borders on turning into a blue or a lilac, but it's still truly gray. I love that little delicate light fixture - I think it makes the space poetic.

modern drama in black & white - loads of black, but enough white to balance everything. Don't you love that table and chairs?

There's something I just really like about this bedroom. When I first saw it I tried to picture the walls a different color and that's when I realized that the gray really WORKS here. It feels like a lovely space to retreat.

I kind of love this. I especially think that lime chaise totally makes it. But how great are the striped walls? With the cow hide? The chandelier and the shiny black doors? Delicious.

Another really nice gray, especially with the pop of red and yellow. And on another note, isn't that wood beam in the window especially great?

This is just sweet. It's so light gray it's almost white. Very restful.

Drama, Drama, Drama - but if you're going to start messing around with zebra skins and heavy olive sofas and candelabra lamps, you might as well go black while you're at it.

How much do you heart this? I want to live in that room.

I LOVE that yellow tufted headboard against the black!

Everyone does these kooky antlers for the past two or three years. I'm tired of them. But here, I kind of like it for some reason.

This is kind of over-done and crazy. But it looks like a good place to grow old and senile and maybe be a rich old lady with lunatic fringe ideas. Which appeals to me sometimes.

If there's one thing I can say about black, it's that it always looks great in a study or a library setting.

Again, with the books, the black provides a really nice contrast. This room would be kind of boring if it were any other color.

This is from a kids room. How GREAT is it? Gosh...I love it. Look at the yellow and white striped ceiling!

What is that weird 70s retro-ish color? It's not quite avocado and it's not quite harvest gold - it's some weird mix of the two. I just really dig this.

I must super love this because I had it saved on my computer twice. I just adore that little yellow tufted chair SO MUCH. I love a nice long hot bath so this looks absolutely enticing.

I love that modern tub. This room would probably look good if the walls were red or blue or any number of other colors too - but it does look really peaceful with the black and white.

Black subway tile? Awesome.

How great is that red couch with the black wall?

See? I told you, again with the studies.

And again...

How great is the shower fixture and the light. Would you ever dare use this without a shower curtain though? especially with those raised wood floors?

How much are you admiring their taste in carpet and desks? I know, right?

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