Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Best Movies of 2009 (according to me)

F or what it's worth...

My Top 10 Movie picks for 2009 in order:


loved every single thing about this...saw it multiple times, don't mind watching it a million times more.

captivating, fascinating, loved it!

3. smart, funny, current, AND with a happy ending that didn't seem like pure treacle.

if this story were fiction it would be totally unbelievable and obnoxiously 'do-gooder', but since it is true, and since the real story is actually even MORE amazing...LOVED it, restores your faith in humanity.

this was just very good, and unexpected...a kids movie would not normally make my top 10. The love story is so sweet, it may be one of the best love stories ever written.

6. okay the violence is nauseatingly awful but gosh darn it if I didn't love this movie anyway.

hilarious and unbelievable, awesome movie.

I've seen this a couple of times and it strikes me a little different each time...nuanced acting and an interesting story line we haven't seen a million times before.


cute and irresistible.


saw this after it was out of the theatres and was pleasantly surprised that I liked it very much. Sometimes Adam Sandler can really act.

honorable mentions* Taken, Star Trek & The Hangover


Cynthia said...

I always like your movie lists because I haven't seen most of them and usually haven't heard of most of them, but often like many of them. I've got to go now and hop on over to netflix!

Noelle said...

I loveeeeee this list! I only haven't seen a couple of them and now I'm super excited to watch them! :)

Suzanne Barker said...

Gosh, I feel like I live in a closet! I have only seen like 2 of these and a lot of them I have never even heard of! If you own any of them, I would like to borrow them while I recoup from surgery!


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