Monday, December 07, 2009

You never saw the house tour?

It's hard to believe but someone told me yesterday they came on to my blog looking for the house tour at Apartment Therapy and they couldn't find it. Well - I know it's here somewhere. But from here on I will have a link on the sidebar so that if someone comes to my blog looking for it they can quickly find it.

Or if you stumbled upon this blog post looking for it, the house tour is also linked HERE. Once you get there just click on the links marked "Enter House Tour".

This year we spent a lot of time, effort and energy (not to mention cash) on our back yard remodel. (and it still isn't completely finished by the way). Yesterday we had one of our Sundays where we invited people from the ward over. When I finished counting up we had more than 80 people here before the day was through. And really it is no problem having that many people over. Which is kind of amazing. I am super happy with how it has turned out so far and look forward to getting it totally finished and tweaking some of the details.

Here is the fire pit with the back door open - usually when we have a party now we just leave the front door of the house open and the back door open - you can see the fire pit all the way from the street. In the second photo the Elders are making s'mores. I now have a s'more kit in my pantry so that people can make s'mores whenever they want.

I'm looking forward to new projects in the coming year!

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Cynthia said...

Always a fun time at your house. Thanks for inviting us over.


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