Tuesday, December 15, 2009



ids - for the record I still don't get the whole Twilight thing. I tried.

I tried to read the book and it bored me to tears. I tried to like the movie and it just leaves me kind of cold. (Don't hate twilight lovers...I'm not bagging on your enthusiasm...just feeling confused as to why this whole thing alludes me).

Have I become so jaded that I cannot relate in any way to this story?

So many women seem to love Twilight. And many women seem to love what's his face (the dude who plays Edward Cullen...see I even had to google his name - Robert Pattinson). And now many women seem to also love this Jacob character in the movie (and I frankly think you'd have to be dead not to be impressed with those abs). But I still just don't get it.

I'm not even a hard core Twilight hater. Not at all. There are women who hate the books and the story line who feel that it represents a terrible example for young girls. That all the story really is about is this girl who doesn't even exist or doesn't even know how to exist outside of being an object of affection for two boys who frankly, neither one of which, are much good for her. What are her personal goals and ambitions? I am at least enough of a feminist to see that this line of argument has some valid points even if I couldn't care less enough to care more. If you know what I mean.

Can I just say I find Robert what's his face kind of freaky looking? Honestly.
what is going on here? Okay pasty white skin and red lips are for vampire effect I guess so I'll disregard that for now (though I am not a big fan of that look) - but let's look at his bone structure. Honestly he looks mildly deformed. Nose weirdly too wide for the face. Bizarre jaw line - it looks like someone smashed and squished him. Smacked him flat and broadened everything out in proportion to reality and then hit him on the top of the head and slightly unnaturally shortened everything. Doesn't it? Please twilight/edward lovers tell me what it is that I am not seeing here.

This guy seems to be on a lot of girl's 'celebrity list' and I am just confused by it.

Who is on my celebrity list? These dudes:

Two photos of Brad Pitt? Well yes, please.

For YEARS I have begged my husband to confess his celebrity list to me. I can never quite get him to totally fess up, but this week I got him to at least somewhat admit that these ladies would probably be on it:

I think he thought he would get in trouble or something. For the record he has never gotten in trouble with me for saying he thought someone was attractive. I think it's normal to notice if someone is attractive or not.

Which is perhaps while I feel slightly abnormal not understanding this whole Robert Pattinson thing.

Maybe it's my age. Maybe he is just way to young for me. When I was much younger these were the guys on my list: I love this era of Andrew McCarthy. (Ducky was funny, but I did not have a crush on him...I did desperately want to BE Andy/Molly Ringwald though...if only my parents would have let me buy that Carmen Ghia I wanted)

I know, I know you're suppose to sort of hate this character in pretty in pink. What a jerk. And I do hate him. And secretly love him the entire time. Then I went on to love him in Sex Lies & Videotape and The Secretary. Delish.
Some things never change. When I was a teen, Matt Dillon always played the bad boy. And I loved him for it. I had such a debilitating crush on the young Mr. Rob Lowe - it's hard to explain what this man meant to me.

So for the record, I am perfectly capable of having a celebrity crush - but "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob"? I'll have to take a pass.


Suzanne Barker said...

Funny Lezlee. I gotta say I really enjoyed the Twilight books. Just a fun light romancey read. The actors, well not so much. I love the guys on your list though!

Cynthia said...

I haven't really enjoyed the twilight books or movies either. They're not particularly bad, I'm just not drawn to them.
It's funny that you have all the 80's actors on your list.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Love the list AND the walk down memory lane!

I Am Boymom said...

You are so funny...and for the record, I am glad to know there is another non-Twilighter out there. I have absolutely no interest, I don't get the attraction and I will not read the books or see the movies. And yeah...Edward kinda creeps me out.

I love the whole 80's thing and I actually did own a Kharmann Ghia! It was an awesome little car and I felt very Molly Ringwald driving it. Wish I still had it, I got t-boned in it 2 years later and we moved on to a different vehicle.


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