Saturday, October 10, 2009


So for one more week Apartment Therapy will be posting new entries in the Color Contest. I am pretty sure I will at least make the next round. Which means that on the 19th I am going to REALLY need your help to make it any further! There will only be 24 hours of voting once they post the next round! If you haven't helped me thus far it's too late - the first round of voting was only open for 48 hours. I'll give you fair warning before the next round. If you haven't opened an 'account' w/ them yet (you have to register in order to vote) let me just say that HONESTLY it only takes a second. Here are my biggest competition in the Western Region so far:

So what do you think? My scores right now put me in the middle of this group (4th) - and with one more week to go I'm going to be lucky to hold a spot in the top 8 (they are choosing the top 16 to advance, but there is a power protect advantage to being in the top 8).

If you were voting on this group which ones do you like best? I'm really curious - keep in mind it's a 'color' contest.

I'm very interested in your opinions!


Heidi said...

I like the top and bottom

Cynthia said...

So my niece, Katie, in Ohio loves Apartment Therapy and recognized your house. Cool! I'm excited for you!


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