Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks for the nomination Suzanne. I think I've linked the image to your blog, so if you guys click on that box it should take you to Suzanne's blog, but if not, you can also visit Ms. Suzanne HERE (and if you've never visited her blog, you probably should, she's always doing something interesting!)

next, I am suppose to say 7 things about myself that people might not know...

The problem is that I pretty much say all kinds of stuff about myself here that people might not have known...but what on earth have I left out? I may say something that you, as my friend, already know, but maybe not the general public....

Here goes:

1. When I was a kid my mom took me to a witch doctor almost as often as she took me to the regular doctor. My great aunt read tea-leaves and claimed she could "smell death" when someone was about to die in a Ward. My aunt taught me how to read palms. Oh yeah, and tarot cards. I figured as an enterprising 2nd grader this would be a good business to get into - this reading palms thing, since not many 2nd graders have such mad skills. So I set up a little booth at recess and started my first business. Things went awry right about when I noticed one girls life line looked like it went careening in a weird direction...which I surmised meant she was going to "hell". People don't like to pay you a nickel to read their palm if you're going to tell them they're going to hell. It's not my fault you're going to hell! I just read 'em like I see 'em.

2. My family now thinks that my cousin is a "witch doctor". Do not tell my mom you are sick or she will call my cousin and have him "work on you". Then she will call you back to find out if you are better and if you say you are, she will become convinced that my cousin worked his magic. And when I argue with my mother about all of this, she is quick to point out that many people in the "Greater Canadian Region", call my cousin up on the regular to have him "work" on them, his fame is that far spread. Which of course makes me wonder if my cousin has taken out an ad in the "British Columbia Times". But my mom is hearing none of that nonsense - my cousin has a gift, people from Canada and "all around" are aware of it, end of story. Yes, my mother is a fully active member of the church, a former relief society president, and currently, a temple worker. Don't ask me how all of these things work together in her head - it was very confusing for me as a child to grow up like that. It took me a long time to get over some whacky notions. But it makes my background seem more color-ful doesn't it? Oh the tales I could tell you...but I won't.

3. Suzanne thought it might be fun if we talked about our "first kiss" - I cannot remember all the first kisses I had when I was a small child, but there were lot's of 'boyfriends' when I was not yet in Kindergarten. My first crush was in 2nd grade (Gary Moore), but that didn't go anywhere. - you know I just realized - I'm hesitant to even talk about this because there are two different boys who might think they are my 'first kiss' and not that either of them read this blog, but I'm friends with one of them on facebook, and I've linked to this blog from facebook before so....hmmmm. Okay well...there were two boys when I was 15. That's all I'm going to say about that. One of them I was in love with. One of them I thought was funny. One of them was a french kiss. One of them wasn't. One of them I still consider my first 'real relationship'.

4. I stole Kirk from my roommate. And I borrowed her clothes to go on our first date. That makes me sound like a terrible person! In my defense: 1. She had LOTS of boyfriends 2. She came home from their first date and said "well...he was nice, we had fun and everything...but at one point in the conversation he said he was a communist...I don't know if I can date a communist. (which I thought was HILARIOUS) 3. he was super cute, and such things cannot be helped sometimes and 4. she worked at a clothing store and had a LOT of clothes - she didn't seem to mind. :)

5. When I met Kirk I was working as a maid, and he was working as a cook in a greasy little restaurant.

6. When I was 12, I thought I wanted to have 10 kids when I grew up - 5 boys and 5 girls. I even named all of them. The only name I really remember was "George". Now I have a girl we call "George". But I sure as heck don't have 10 kids!

7. If I don't count any of the boys I kissed while still in elementary school - I only kissed 7 boys total in my entire life.

Now I'm suppose to tag 7 others. The problem is Suzanne tagged a bunch of people I would have normally tagged. So....

I tag:

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and any other random person who would like to participate...


Suzanne Barker said...

Love it Lezlee! I love all the witch doctor stories. And your preadolescent love life sounds quite interesting!

Noelle said...

Do you think history is in some weird way repeating itself since I kinda stole Holden from another girl too? :)

I Am Boymom said...

Laughing so hard at the witch doctor stories!! "People don't like to pay you a nickel to read their palm if you're going to tell them they're going to hell." Bwuah ha ha ha ha!!


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