Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blast from the Past

Yesterday Melanie Hale and Rachel Tanner came over to help clean out a rather dirty and neglected closet. It's a weird closet that actually hides behind a large hutch. I keep my food storage in there and occasionally, other things that I don't know what to do with find themselves residing there.

Melanie and Rachel did a great job. I bid on their services as part of their fund Raising for camp and both their moms can be proud that they did an excellent job considering they weren't actually getting paid. One of the things they un-earthed was an old poster Holden made for me when he was in kindergarten. I had wondered what happened to it - for a while I had it framed and hanging in my house I loved it so much.

I scanned in the artwork and here is the poem that accompanied it (this was a mother's day gift):

I've got a good mom. She has short brown hair.
She has greenish eyes just like mine. She is so beautiful. She has a pretty smile.

My mom likes to wear black shoes that slip on.
She likes to wear make-up. She wears pretty dresses that have flowers on them.
She wears necklaces and earrings. Some are big, but some are little.
She looks good all the time.

At home, my mom has to do all the jobs.
She has to make our baby happy. She plays with me, too.
She reads me books at night and again in the morning.
She has to clean up a lot of toys. She washes clothes.
She goes to the grocery store. She has to go to the bank.

To help my mom I watch the baby when my mom takes out the garbage.
I clean up what my mommy tells me to. I sweep outside.

My mom is a very good cook. She makes Sloppy Joes.
She makes burritos and chilli. She makes strawberry shortcake.
She makes really good oranges in a roll.

For fun, my mo likes to go to ABCO. Sometimes she even goes to Bashas.
She loves Target and Toys R Us.
She likes to go to church and to the camp at our church.
She likes to go to the library.
She goes to the electric company to buy electricity.
she goes to the park with me.

To relax, she likes to go to movies with my daddy. They are not kid movies.
She likes to make things for the church.
She likes to lay on her bed while I watch TV. She likes to watch Oprah.
She likes to talk on the phone for a long, long time.
Sometimes she likes to talk to my daddy. They talk a lot.

I really think that I have the goodest mom.
She makes me happy because she is so wonderful.
She loves me so much. I like that she's really nice.
I like it hat she loves me too. She reads me stories. She tucks me in and kisses me.
She calls me her honey. She teases me a lot.
She even calls me super hero names like "Earthworm Jim." She's a funny mom.

I am so happy to have a mom like her.
I love her all the way to infinity. That means I'm going to love her forever.

Holden, 1996

What a great thing to find in the forgotten recesses of the closet! I'm going to so miss this kid when he leaves in a little over a week.


Cynthia said...

You are a lucky duck. Because A) you got a cleaning project done without any whining and complaining from teenagers. and B)That has got to be the best Kindergarten poster EVER! For years and years and years, my kids would write "My mom is a good cooker. She makes us dinner". Yeah, that's it. . . year after year. I finally had to sit them all down and give them a lecture. "Let me point out all the wonderful things I do and how marvelous I really am. You are no longer allowed to say I am a good cooker, even though you must always remember that I AM a good cooker!"
Anyway, you've got a treasure on your hands. I'll bet you are really going to miss Holden. I think we all will.
P.S. I told my sister about your cool cake contest. She and I both want a blog post.

Meghan said...

This was such a cute letter that Holden wrote! I think the timing is perfect for you to find this picture and letter since Holden goes in a week. This will help you as he is serving the Lord and remind you of what a great guy you raised!


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