Saturday, November 22, 2008

Many Things

This post is about many things...

And nothing really.

My brain is very scattered. I don't know if I would consider myself a 'scatter-brain' but I probably am at least some of the time and I probably come close to it the rest of the time.

My thoughts so far today:

I'm thrilled that Holden is home and sleeping in his bed for a few days. It will be fun when he comes home for even longer at Christmas.

Christmas what the heck am I getting people for Christmas. For Christmas my hair needs to look good. I'm not happy with it right now.

What the heck is happening with that hair appointment assignment I gave to Shannon - I cannot wait until December 12th to get my hair done. Must call Shannon.

I will be a "bandanamom" every day if I don't get my hair done before then. Anyway the 12th is my anniversary weekend and I think maybe we are staying at a hotel or going away or something.

I think maybe we will just stay in Phoenix.

Speaking of which, I think we will get each other art right here in Phoenix this year (we buy art as anniversary gifts to each other every year). Maybe downtown where we saw that stuff at first fridays.

I was going to write that second first friday entry on my blog but maybe I won't do it after all.

No one has commented at all on my blog lately. Probably I got too political and obnoxious for most of the people who read my blog.

I don't have anything else that I want to write a blog about though. I should change the music on my blog - I'm getting sick of that Morrisey song.

Speaking of that - I need to look for that song that I heard the other day by that israeli violinist that was cool.

That was cool last night when we could see into those jewish people's house and see their sabbath meal.

Speaking of meals, I am so totally starving right now. Weirdly since I hit that 100 pound mark I've easily lost another 8 pounds since then. I don't know how that happens.

I need to replace all these lightbulbs in this room. I hate trying to figure out what size I need for these track lights though - I always get it wrong somehow and then the lightbulb for the ceiling fan light is some weird size that's meant to be an oven light or something.

Speaking of that I'm thrilled my oven got fixed yesterday! Maybe I'll actually bake something for a change!

Crud, it's Sunday tomorrow and I have hardly any groceries, I'm going to have to run to the grocery store sometime today. If I have to cook all day tomorrow I don't really want to cook today.

I should call Kirk and see if he wants to go to lunch...

[this is my brain process all day...does anyone else do this?]


Cynthia said...

Great minds think alike. It's funny what meandering thoughts go on in our heads. Sometimes they are life-altering important, usually not, but writing them down is often amusing. Good luck with the hair appointment. But your hair always looks marvelous.

Shando said...

I fixed your hair problem, so now all is well!

Suzanne Barker said...

I think the no comment thing, is just that your friends are as crazy as you are right now! I love seeing your's and Cindy's random thoughts. Mine are just like that too. I should do one of those sometime. Happy Anniversary!


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