Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dream House

Recently, Kirk mentioned something about my lack of desire to move from our house. He is less content with our house than I am. He wishes we had more storage room in the closets, a bigger floor plan, larger master bedroom, dining room (since we gave it to Holden as a bedroom, we no longer have one) big garage - well, the list kind of goes on. I have no desire to move at all. I realize the house has it's short-comings. But it's a more emotional attachment for me. We slaved over this property - let us not forget it was once known in the neighborhood as the "crack house". It wasn't really a crack house, but it was a mess. We've moved walls, added on, changed the configuration, put in a pool, added an awesome garden tub that I love, painted, painted and painted some more, made the fireplace a working fireplace, ripped at least 10 dumpters worth or debris from the house and property and generally, made it more than liveable, it's loveable. In short, without waxing too poetic about it, I love our house. I love our neighborhood. I perfectly content right where I am. Maybe this is because when I was a little girl I dreamed of living in an older house, fixing it up, and staying put. I used to imagine a house built somewhere between the late 1800s and the 1950s. And our house was built in 1951. The home below is what I imagined. It's a Salt Lake Rambler and it seemed like the perfect little house. Sure, I did have fantasies about mansions and maids and butlers (what little girl doesn't?) - but in my reality based fantasy, this is what the house would look like.

Does that seem boring? Because it never seemed boring to me, it seemed homey, and satisfying somehow. It seemed like a place where I would feel content, which is how I feel about my house now.

So where would I move? Or what could entice me enough to make me move? Well, when I think about it, very, very little. Certainly not a taco bell house in the burbs (that's what we like to call them, because they all look like a variation on the theme the taco bell architect came up with). If I think about where I would want to live in Arizona, I think it would have to be a house on mummy mountain if I were to move from where I am:

I could be talked into that - and I might even seriously consider it if Kirk ever won a big contingency fee on a case.

Also, a San Francisco Loft. I could be talked into living in San Francisco very easily. I think it's my favorite U.S. City.

I've never particularly liked the idea of living in the country. But a few times in my life I've seen these big glass box-like houses out in the country, overlooking a small lake or a large field in all directions with tons of light streaming in and a house like that in the country is very appealing. Like this house in New York state - it's totally cool, and I can move in tomorrow if the owners want to give it to me.

I love, love, love, the beach so a beach house like this one in Jamaica would be just fine. If we could figure out a way to bottle the beach, no one would need prozac. But I am afraid if I lived on the beach, I'd never get anything done. I have a tendency to want to sit in front of the water for hours doing nothing but being happy.

Or wouldn't it be totally cool to live in the french countryside in La Petite Chateau?

Ultimately though I can't think of anything better than a really awesome modern apartment like this one, overlooking Holyrood park in Edinburgh Scotland. Part of me would really love to live in Scotland someday. Kirk and I joke around about going on a "mission" to Scotland. This would not be the kind of mission where you let the church decide where you are going to go - this would be the kind where we would move where we wanted to go and then call up the local Stake and let them knowo we are there and available to help. Scotland is perfect for this plan. We joke, but someday, we might just do it.

But even after all the fantasizing about what I would love, I'm still attracted to the little red brick homes. And perfectly content to stay put.


Shando said...

The tough part is somewhere between adding the back half of the house and the kitchen remodel/hand severing/anurysm it went from a house to your home. The place where Jordan learned to walk and the boys prom pictures were taken.

Maybe you should knock the wall down in Holds room and make a dining room again when he leaves or maybe just build a small shed for Kirk in the back yard. The only move I will ok is one overhere in the Biltmore area so I don't have to drive so far!

Suzanne Barker said...

I have a lot of the same design sensibilities that you have. My friend Geoff could do a couple things for you if you are ever interested. He is an architect who love the modern stuff. He could do some pretty amazing stuff with what you've got. You'ld be amazed. Or find a lot or a tear down somewhere and build it from scratch. Let me know if you ever want to and I can put you in touch.
I love to go on home tours. It is one of my very favorite things. And while the historic home tours are fun (I went on the Roosevelt Home tour recently), my ablsolute favorite is the AIA tour in the late spring. They are all Architect design, one of a kind and so amazing and fun. And there is a broad spectrum in cost. Architect does not necessarily equate with lots of money. They operate within whatever the budget is.
I'd have him design me something in a heartbeat if I had the dough!

Bandanamom said...


I may take actually be interested in that at some point. I think there are probably a few things that we could use help in deciding how to utilize the space best. We've also considered recently adding a garage, but don't know how to design something that will work with the property but go a little more modern.

I just really have no desire to move. Even when I look at properties that might be appealing, I have to pay a lot more than I'm paying right now to find anything that would be worth moving for. And for me, I just don't get people who tie themselves to these gigantic mortgages for 30 yrs.

So I just stay put.

PLEASE tell me when they have the AIA show - I would LOVE to go to that. I never hear about all these great things you seem to hear about!

Cynthia said...

Dave wants to move to Missouri. That makes me nervous. We took a road trip and while in Missouri drove to see some friends. It was a long, early morning drive and I was fast asleep through the entire trip. I don't know what he saw, felt, or experienced that morning, but ever since, that is where he'd like to go. Fortunately for me, our business is tied to commercial buildings and big city life. When we retire? I don't know. I LOVED St George UT when I went to college. That is the only place I can think of that I would not hesitate to go. Although, a house on the beach sounds lovely too. My main reason for staying put is friendships and relationships that date back 25 years. You can't replace that.
Although I sure agree with a teenager needing his own space, I definitely think you should reclaim the dining room at some point in the future. (You could build a "hut" in the backyard for when your kids come home to visit)


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