Monday, October 29, 2007


I really need a vacation.

This whole year has been so packed and so busy with non-stop action that we have failed to go on even one full vacation. The best we've been able to do is a couple of weekends here and there, and neither of those took us very far. Part of this is me being busy, part is kids being busy and part is Kirk being busy. This past week I was so busy that I would forget what I was suppose to be doing in a few hours because I could only think about what had to be done right this minute. I totally forgot we had a dinner to go to Saturday night because after I collapsed in a chair thinking I was finally done for the day at 6:30 pm, Kirk reminded me that the day wasn't over yet. I know, dinner out sounds nice, but it was actually a business dinner and that's the second weekend in a row I had to play attorney's wife at a business dinner on a Saturday night, so that's getting a little old. That's not like normal going to dinner at all.

When I first had Holden I remember staying home with him when he was a baby and I was actually sort of bored.

I can't even remember the last time I had time to feel bored.

When did my life spin so far out of control that we don't have time for family vacations?

So my goal for 2008 is to carve out some time. I'm trying to plan our family vacation for March, so where do you think we should go?


Leigh Russell said...

Yes, everyone needs some bored time. I never realised that until my children grew up and left home (fortunately they haven't moved too far away). Now I actually have some time to myself and it's great! You're welcome to visit my blog - if you have time!

Anonymous said...

I voted for the Big Island for you and yours...but then I remembered seeing on the news today that they are battling 7 intentionally-set wild fires...

On the other hand, if you landed in an emergency zone you would be guaranteed not to be bored. And, you would get some really great photos!

Anonymous said...

Did I spell guarantee right?

Shando said...

It seems like a no brainer to me! You have talked FOREVER about taking the kids back to DC and Virginia. You go to Mexico every year so you get the beach thing in and Scotland is crazy expensive right now.

My vote is for DC/Virginia!

Cynthia said...

You simply did not leave me enough choices to choose a vacation for you and yours. Really, only 5? You have to have at least double that number to get everyone in your family to give a vote for a first and second choice and still have no one in agreement. If I have to stick with your list, I would vote out Mexico City (doesn't sound like a luxurious destination to me), and I'd vote out Scotland, you went there too recently. You can't go wrong with Hawaii, and you could conceivably do NY and Washington DC in one long exhausting combo destination. I put NY down on your survey, but now I'm going to say Hawaii. You can't go wrong there. On Oahu alone -- water sports, beaches (lovely secluded beaches on the north shore), WWII History (Pearl Harbor), Pineapple plantations, hiking, waterfalls, Polynesian cultural center, LDS temple, BYU-H, gorgeous scenery, wonderful weather.
I'm all for cruises though. You go to bed at night and each morning you are in a new place! No driving, no packing or unpacking, no rental cars, no searching for restaurants. I'd love to go on a riverboat cruise down the Mississippi. I don't know if the riverboats hold the same allure as the ocean cruise ships, but I think it would be cool to go down the Mississippi.

Suzanne said...

Hmmm.... I love vacations! And there are so many different kinds! I voty with Cindy/Cynthia (I can't make the transition too well) that a cruise is simply divine If you really want to relax. Maybe a cruise that goes up the East Coast? I know there are several because I've checked into it. Or maybe stay in a time share in Virginia so you aren't having to pack up and move all the time. I did that once and it was fun.
It sounds like you really need to take hold of your calender and block in a little "down time"!

Heidi said...

So I'm just wondering if you have decided on where to vacation?

I think it totally depends on what you want to do. All of the places you listed are SO DIFFERENT. Since Jared & I were vacationing withOUT Marley, we went to Hawaii. We seriously couldn't have done it with her (I realize you don't have that problem with your family and that every member of your family could participate in any activity.) We hiked, jumped off waterfalls, swung on rope swings, snorkeled on the beach, and jumped the waves. I noticed a lot of retired people there and I wondered if they were even having fun....I guess there are cruise tours, helicopter tours, etc for those.

I LOVED going to NYC. There is just no other place like it and I love the broadway plays.

About Kirk's art opening. We would LOVE to come...if it works out. Where? What time does it end?


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