Friday, October 28, 2005

Later that same day...

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And after several hours in retail hell...and I mean only the very special kind of retail hell you can find in a "Spirit" store - one of the those Halloween Superstores that pop up in vacant retail space very October, the special kind of hell that involves all the lame moms who have waited until the weekend before Halloween to shop for costumes with their crying babies, the special kind of hell that requires me to wait in line behind a mom with all her 5 private school children in their private school outfits in tow who have each picked out tiaras and wings and tights and plastic jewelry and glow sticks and fake spiders and rubber rats and witch brooms and tubes o' blood and of course the tubes o' blood don't scan and haved to be looked up in a big ginormous book full of sku numbers and I think the girl behind me might be Wicca and this is like her religious holiday or something and she has a broom made of actual weeds of some sort and she's asking if it's "authentic" and to top it all off it's the DAY OF THE DEAD for our hispanic friends who are all buying up every skeletal item the store carries and over the loud speaker they say "No More Holds, Sell it ALL!" and a few minutes later "NO RETURNS" and there are giant signs that say "NO RETURNS" everywhere and there are also signs that say no checks and must have ID to purchase with a credit card and a woman using a $100 bill has to wait so they can find the special pen that you use to see if the bill is fake and o my gosh I have a headache now!- BUT I have now procurred two costumes for my children, so I'm out $79.00 but at least I don't look like a completely lame mom anymore. So that's the price you pay for being a procrastinating mother.

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