Sunday, November 30, 2014

Identity Crisis

Well pretty much an entire fall has escaped me without a single blog post.  Not that I didn't want to blog - I did.  And not that I didn't think of things to blog about - because I have a list I keep on my phone of ideas.  But due to a multitude of factors, it didn't happen.

I don't know what this blog will end up being.  It's having an identity crisis of sorts.

I still have things I'd like to blog about that are design oriented in nature.  I'm still obsessed with beautiful imagery, photography, lovely kitchens and luxurious bathrooms.

Is this not the prettiest room in the universe? Does it not make you happy just to look at it???

But I also have things I'd like to say or share about good mental health.  Since I'm working on becoming a licensed therapist, I have some doubts at times about how much or what I want to say about that given the possible likelihood that future clients may stumble on this blog looking for information.  That could be good, and has the potential to be something positive, but it's something I really need to think more about.  In fact, I need to take a good look at whether I want to keep the blog at all (or if I should just make it private - which of course no one would read and then it would just be a diary, and I have another diary app for that purpose really).

This thought is at the root of how I see therapy - helping clients see and think a little differently so that they have the tools to create solutions in their lives, live life more fully, and have peace.

I've had this blog since 2005 - I'm not too keen to totally give it up really.  It contains a lot of thoughts, feelings and ideas that really represent me and I like the idea that if my grandchildren wanted to know more about me someday, reading my blog might be valuable (sort of - or they would at least know what sort of interior design I really liked back in the "olden" days).

I often feel like blogging parenting advice, because the longer I work with kids in case management the more I feel like I did a pretty good job with my own parenting and I think it might be valuable information sometimes. 
I feel like I could write loads of lists like this...

It's more an abundance of things that I would like to blog about that makes it confusing and difficult to focus in on one thing, rather than a dearth of ideas.  This blog doesn't know what it is anymore because it wants to be too many things and therefore, slowly, is is just quietly humming along with no new posts.

I still get around 200 unique hits per day (way down from the days when I got around 500 per day and largely due to me not posting new posts) and if you check out pinterest you will see many of my blog posts are re-pinned there, and that still happens almost every day too.  There's something oddly satisfying about that which I don't really want to completely give up.  It makes me feel the tiniest bit like a writer (though I know that's a ridiculously crazy way to call myself a writer).

Screen shot of my blog posts people "pinned" in the last week or two 

So coming up you may see posts on the adorable nursery my son and daughter in law put together for my (impending!) granddaughter.  Or I might tell you about how to raise children who have a good appreciation for arts and literature.  I might talk with you about the single most important piece of parenting advice I can give anyone.  Or it might be that I'll share some ideas about good mental health. It might be some photography that I decide to blog about.

Or maybe I will still be quiet for a while longer.

But I doubt it.  I feel like I've been quiet quite a bit, and I'm ready to not be quite so quiet anymore.

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