Saturday, May 03, 2014

How Pinterest Saves My Sanity (and some other stuff)

Remember when I used to blog like, oh I don't know maybe 10 times a month or something?  It's a vague faraway thing - but I kinda remember it.

Dudes.  I really like to write.  I like to blog.  Maybe someday, but that someday is not now.  Actually sometimes I think if I can just get through school maybe I will write like for reals, just because I do love it and I keep imagining a world where I craft expertly perfect sentences that convey all kinds of intriguing and irresistibly genius thoughts.

I think sometimes my problem is that I am way too interested in way too many things.  And right now I basically have time for like one of those things.  And I feel like my brain is getting stuffed with all kinds of useful things in that one area - but I feel kinda sad sometimes that my brain does not know much else.

Things I love and that skitter around in my brain seeking attention:

Interior Design
New Restaurants
Old Restaurants
Road Trips
Foreign Languages
Politicky stuff
getting lost
figuring stuff out
driving at night
pop culture
warm air
big ideas
little ideas
white on white on white
bold colors
things that smell awesome
curated stuff
colors on colors on colors
spiritual enlightenment

I do think sometimes that I have a possible tiny bit of adult ADD - because my brain has a hard time turning off.
almost every night before bed I have a ritual where I can look through my pinterest feed and categorize and chose things I love.  It is hard to explain how gratifying this can be.

I may not have that many people who religiously follow this blog, but I have 1500 people who follow me on Pinterest.  Which is kind of weird and gratifying at the same time.  At least when I feel like I don't have time to really convey my thoughts anymore, there are some people out there who look through their pinterest and by seeing some of the things I pin, are understanding a little bit about what I am thinking about at the moment.  

I'm not sure what this all means - from a psychological standpoint.  But I spend all day thinking from a psychological standpoint - so I'm not going to overanalyze it too much.  

I'm just going to keep pinning for now.  

(and I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for some of my clever captions on my boards - because sometimes you might as well pat yourself on the back)

These are clothes or people I find ridiculously beautiful and believe they need to be admired the same way you might admire a work of art

I may not be able to wear some of these IRL - but in your fantasy life you can wear anything you want

I never went to prom.  this should explain all you need to  know about this board. 

sometimes you see something and just sticks with you, and later, you can call it up as  "happy place"

architecture or architectural details I think are swanky.  and bee tee dubs, don't be surprised if I try a pink door someday. don't say I didn't warn you or something. 

Oh sigh.  House Interiors are my drug of choice. 

sometimes I get a genius idea for a room color scheme 

lights are just cool, i wish i had more carefully chosen the ones in my house currently, so i like to imagine how i will change things if given the chance

art i would like to own, or see, or admire or think about or whatever

stuff related to movies or music i love 

sometimes I dream of getting away - or going back 

I like to torture myself with lists and lists of books to read when I already dont have time 

its' creepy slightly yes.  

I never tire of looking for accessories i may or may not buy

actually I have bought almost every perfume I've ever pinned because I pin it after smelling it as a reminder to myself to buy it or ask for it.  it's a good strategy 

sometimes I care about new make up ideas 

I'm not a natural red head, but I try 

things that are nostalgic, but weirdly, usually end up in my decor somehow after I pin them 

you'd be surprised how many times I wander over to this board to bouy up my spirits 

children are adorbs and so are there clothes, plus i figure someday, grandkids 

sometimes I show things on this board to my talented daughter and she actually creates them in her advanced ceramics class and brings them home 

sometimes I PRETEND that I cook

I may never have to plan another wedding but who cares.  women have been buying stupid wedding magazines since the dawn of time and we will keep on doing it as long as there are pretty flowers and dresses and general gorgeousness involved.  if we don't use it ourselves we will use it to judge someone else's wedding and why they did it all wrong. 

I don't know.  there's something so appealing about this stuff

I like parties dude. 

If I am being kind to myself I might consider some of these things as healthy options 

I dig mens fashion almost as much as womens. maybe more so sometimes. 

children's lit is the best 

I consider chairs i can't afford just for the hell of it, and just in case I find a good knock off or can offer advice to someone who can afford the chairs.

when I am an old lady I will return to stitching the heck out of stuff for the pure zen pleasure of it all 

sometimes I imagine I will buy the perfect gift for people.  then I get too busy and shop at the last minute and suck at gift giving.  but I like the ideas. 

I know people say this all the time - but generally speaking, I would be such an awesome wealthy person.  I would not buy frivolous crap or blow all my money on a really expensive car or a too big house or the wrong kinds of stuff.  

I know all the right kinds of stuff. 

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Cynthia said...

I've always liked the names of your boards. I can't wait until you can start blogging more regularly again.


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