Friday, September 20, 2013

Memorable Movie Interiors & Architecture

Sometimes a favorite movie of mine will also feature some great interior design or fantastic architecture
- or just a space that I love.  Other times, I will remember a movie because the interiors were so interesting - here are some that I never forget:

The movie "Somewhere" by director Sofia Coppola is one of my favorites - I love the movie, but I also loved how much of it was set in the Chateau Marmont.  During filming Stephen Dorff actually lived there so that it would feel very comfortable and real.  The hotel was almost an extra character in the movie.

Another Sofia Coppola movie with excellent interiors is Marie Antoinette - it was filmed in the actual Palace of Versailles (it's hard to be that interior decor)...


The house in the movie "The Ghostwriter" is ridiculous.  It's awe inspiring and so fitting for the tone of the film. 

Nancy Myers is the queen of good interiors for her movies

The Holiday:

Something's Got to Give: 

It's Complicated:

And another personal favorite Amelie:

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Arka Roy said...

These are great shots. The design of the building was emphasized showing a futuristic yet elegant interior.


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