Thursday, July 18, 2013

White on white on white...

I'm re-doing a room in my house.  It's so insane that I'm doing it I can hardly believe that I am.  And by that I mean that it's a totally normal thing to redo a room but life is insane and therefore, re-doing a room can only also be insane by virtue of the fact that it's my life.  And I'm not just talking about doing it (like I sometimes do, for years, before I actually DO anything, but like there are drop cloths all over the floor of my room as we type and read here kids).

For a minute I even thought about going all white.  Like totally beachy.  But the thing is, I can't really afford to change out my couch.  I mean that's thing 1.  And thing 2 is...well, I think I like color too much to commit to all white.  I admire the heck out of a well done white room.  But I just don't know if I can live the pristine sort of way that white would seem to require of me.

The thing is I noticed I've been saving images of white rooms like crazy when I have time to look for ideas.  Not to psychoanalyze everything (but you know, what else do I do?  all I pretty much do all day is psychoanalyze) but I wonder maybe if your life is chaotic if you're more drawn to white?  Maybe.

I have no idea how many people read this blog to catch up on my life these days and how many stumble their way here from the internet looking for something specific.  But for those of you who actually do read this to find out anything about my little life - hi, sorry I've been away so much, life is pretty good actually.  In a crazy kind of way.  Not the way you might think or imagine life would be if you thought it was pretty good.  But nevertheless, pretty good anyway.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that sometimes I want to be a person who has a life that is all white and perfect in this certain serene kind of way - but then I remember I'm me and I start throwing color around again.

I'll keep you all updated when the room gets done.  In the meantime, here are some pretty cool white rooms.

that is all...


Geri C said...

I went through a white phase once with clothing. I think I had this need to feel pure and light and airy after going through a pretty tough, but spiritually enlightening growth phase. Maybe it was my way of feeling worthy and close to Heaven, I don't know. What I do know is that white is the absolute worst color for me to wear in my every day life because I always spill or drop or pick up stains when wearing it and my white is ruined! Is that a metaphor for something? Dang, Lezlee! Now you got me psychoanalyzing myself! I'm gonna go to bed and try to think about a different color.

Geri C said...

Oh yeah...I do love some of these white rooms, with lots of accent color, but I could NOTdo that white tiled/painted brick (whatever it is) bathroom for very long! Seems very cold and sterile to me. I love looking at all of the design ideas you post. One of these days I will be free from my money and self-worth issues enough to create the beautiful home environment that I want and I will have you as a guide and design mentor!


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