Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Strangers I have Loved

When I was in high school and college I had a major crush on this guy:

Lately I have been working on some interesting theories about why we are attracted to some of the people we are attracted to.

I have wondered about many different connections between a few different things.  I'm being vague because I really haven't figured this all out yet.  It's sort of an academic side project of sorts that I think has real potential for being interesting - not just to people who are as interested in psychology as I am, but just to people who are interested into gaining some insight into their lives, maybe their relationships, etc.

Anyway, as I'm formulating these ideas I need to do some research.  Here's where you can help out.

I'm interested especially in women and the men that they have crushes on.  Celebrity crushes specifically.

So here is your assignment.  Who do you have a crush on?  And why?

This isn't just a pop culture question (though certainly, it can be interesting from that viewpoint).  But rather I am truly academically interested in the answer to this question.  I also want to know if you do not have ANY celebrity crushes.  If that's the case - have you in the past?

And also - has your taste changed over time?  As much as I loved Rob Lowe in the 80s I have to be honest that he doesn't really do much for me now.


Anonymous said...

Strangers I have loved? Hmm...I was never one for the whole "I have a major celebrity crush on a completely unrealistically date-able man". Sure I've appreciated some cooking show hosts in my short time on Earth and pretended to fan-girl some actors to irritate the gang but other than that I've stuck to boys (yes, they are still boys in my dating range) that I could possibly, maybe have a chance with.
My current 'crush' as it is termed by my fellow gang is Josh Hingley *sigh*. Yes, I'm smitten, definitely not in love, but extremely in splat. It's his super deep and husky voice and green eyes (I'm a green-loving girl) that got me. As a side note a speck is like a inkling of fancying someone, next up is a splodge: a definite crush then a framed splodge you are going out with him or her or a wiped splodge; you have given up on your feelings and won't do anything about them. Then, to conclude my pointless rambling there is a splat; a crush you do not want to have for any reason but you can't help it and admittedly want to do something about it. Adios amigos! Sorry for wasting your time...

Suzanne Barker said...

When I was a pre teen, I was totally in love with Davy Jones and Bobby Sherman.
I don't remember having crushes on celebrities as a teen ager. I thought Robert Redford was dreamy. I liked Tom Conti as a young adult. But I don't think any of it was any where near the real life crushes I was having at the same time.


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