Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am a big fan of retro products and I'm also a big fan of great lines and aesthetics in design.  So SMEG fridges make me really happy.

They are an Italian company that has been around for about 60 years.  Here in Phoenix there are no dealers or stores where you can buy them.  But there are places you can order one online.  And you COULD drive to California where there are many places you can buy them (though it seems ordering online would be a bit easier and probably just as economical).

I'm not sure if I would ever switch over to one or not.  Only because they are a tiny bit smaller than the typical american fridge.  However, my fridge barely fits in it's space.  A SMEG would look fantastic there.

They run about $2,000 online.

The biggest dilema would be what color to choose...

(you guys have no idea how I actually worry over such decisions when I don't even have the money or the plan to buy the actual fridge.  but I like to visualize what I would do if I WERE buying one.  i'm ridiculous like that.  but that's okay, i like my brain this way...a girl can dream)

Do you have your color picked out yet?


Cynthia said...

Great - now I'm going to spend my day figuring out if I can get by with a smaller fridge, and what color it will be.

Suzanne Barker said...



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