Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy 8's

My friend Suzanne Barker tagged me to play Crazy Eights. So here are the rules:

1. Mention the person who tagged you. (See above)
2. Complete the list of 8's.
3. Tag 8 other bloggers.
4. Tell them they have been tagged.

Eight Things I look Forward to:

1. Going to Disneyland with the whole family next month.
2. Getting started on some new classes for my degree soon.
3. Figuring out where the next big vacation will be: maybe a cruise, maybe something tropical, maybe the Greek Islands.
4. Going to New England with Kirk to visit my sister in law sometime in the next year.
5. Getting the back yard project TOTALLY finished.
6. Being able to eat a few carbs again.
7. Buying a new car in the next year sometime (I think...but my car just keeps on going and going and I keep on putting it off).
8. Honestly it's sort of hard to limit this to eight - I look forward to stuff all the time; the next bubble bath, a visit to a gallery or art museum, a new movie to see, eating out somewhere new, going to my kids swim and dive meets...I'm easily amused.

Eight Things I did yesterday:

1. Dropped Jordan off at the Stake Center to go to girl's camp.
2. Shopped for dinner at AJ's (I should never go there...I always want to buy everything in all the fancy little packages).
3. Got lunch at Quizno's with Holden (they have a black & blue salad that works well on the diet).
4. Took some time to read a book (which I never do during the day usually).
5. Was weirded out by how much time I had on my hands since both Brennan and Jordan were out of town - realized that I will HAVE to work when they are gone for good because I will lose my mind - who knew they took up so much of my daily time?
6. Cleaned the house for a dinner party.
7. Had some friends over for dinner.
8. Did some laundry.

Eight Things I Wish I could do:

1. Be done with school already!
2. Travel whenever I feel like it.
3. Go to Paris.
4. Go back to Scotland again.
5. Eat anything I feel like and not gain weight.
6. Be a professional dancer.
7. Have a positive attitude all the time no matter what.
8. Do I have to limit it to eight? The places I want to visit alone would take all day! Small sample: England (again), Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Africa, Israel, Caribbean, New York, visit all the major art museums in the world, etc., etc., etc.

Eight Shows I watch:

1. Project Runway
2. Dexter
3. United States of Tara
4. The Office
5. 30 Rock
6. Flipping Out
7. Medium
8. The City

Eight Friends I am Tagging:

1. Shando Rando
2. Cindi Tanner
3. Geri Chase
4. Lindsey Williams
5. I have very few "internet/blog friends"
6. so anyone else who
7. cares to play is
8. welcome (Suzanne tagged most of my other friends!)

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