Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Being Bold

so we are in the middle of this project in the backyard -

and we are being kind of bold with some of the colors.

mainly this is because I really like color and Kirk really likes color -

also it is partially because I am nuts like that.

But I am having the HARDEST time deciding what color the exterior of the house in the back should be. right now it is a sort of off-white or a cream and I just don't think it works with the other crazy colors.

these are my thoughts:

1. It should be some other crazy color, as long as we're going nuts we should just take it all the way.

2. It should absolutely NOT be some other crazy color - your mind must have a place to rest somewhere in the midst of everything else that is going on.

3. It should be something unexpected - like the color of the pool or something like that...something cool instead of all the bold.

4. It should be one of the colors I've already used back there.

5. I should save up a bunch of money and cover it all in metal. (this one is not practical right now since the project is already so expensive - but I'm willing to consider it in the future)

6. It should just be like a kind of boring beige or something to just have it blend into the background.

What is your vote?

Here's what I'm mainly leaning towards (this are interior photos but they are just inspiration photos, all of this is "outside", although it feels a bit more like an extension of the interior to me); 1. Black (sounds insane but I saw it in a magazine and it looked cool)

2. Purple like the fence

3. yellow like the exterior of the fence

4. pool blue

5. bright orange

6. Bright stark white.

Advice will be appreciated though not necessarily followed!


Cynthia said...

My first instinct, looking at your choices, was black. Then immediately thought stark white would be better. I'm not sure about color. I'd let your yard features be featured with the bold colors and not compete with the back wall of the house.
Hmmm. Let us know what you end up choosing.
btw - I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing overall with your project.

Lindsey said...

Wow- you pretty much thought about EVERY single option. I think they would all turn out pretty cool, but I really liked the idea of the pool blue. I can't wait until it's all done and Jordan can give us another tour!

Bandanamom said...

Thanks for the input guys, right now I am heavily leaning towards the black - but that could change, I heavily leaned towards blue for weeks and I entertained white for a good week as well. I will try to scan the photo I used as inspiration for the black - it's an exterior shot by a pool and it just works in a weird, beverly hills kind of way.

Anonymous said...

How about a combination of bare concrete and corrugated metal or stone? ie: Hayden Library downtown.

gretchen pennell said...

Lezlee Since I saw what color you painted your back fenceand bytheway, PURPLE looks awesome!! how about vibrant orange? against the purple I think it would look great!

Kirk Hays said...

If I end up not being in love with any of the paint color on the house after we get it painted, I may do a modern look like you're talking about later on Cindi.

In the meantime, I am still leaning towards black - Gretchen, I have strongly considered the orange and it was in my top 3 or 4 most days. Kirk is worried about it looking a little too much like the red wall, but clashing with it - I dont' think it would matter.

Also - tomorrow we are getting a bunch of the furniture delivered and today our lemon tree got here, plus a bunch of other plants. It is definitely starting to take shape but the City of Phoenix is holding us up at this point.

Anonymous said...

Cool! But, um, I error. I meant the Burton Barr Library down town. The Hayden Library is the one @ ASU. I can't believe I did that. It's probably been a million years since I walked into the ASU library...


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