Sunday, August 03, 2008

As I near my "Break"

Soon I get to go on nearly a month long break on the diet. It will be nice to go back on in September and see the loss speed up again for a while (It has a tendency to slow down over time as I near the end of four months on the diet)

Thanks for all the support from every friend who has said nice things, done nice things, encouraged me on this diet and eaten at whatever restaurant I suggested (I've been a bit of a control freak on this diet in that way I suppose making everyone cater to my whim).

Thanks also to Kirk for being really great about everything.

The other day we were getting ready to go somewhere and he was very complimentary and nice about the loss and he said one of the nicest things he ever could have said - he told me he knew I wanted to lose more and that he was supportive of whatever I wanted to do - but that he wanted me to know that I looked great and he didn't care if I lost another pound because I already looked really good.

I am not a thin girl yet. In fact, many people would look at me and say "she could stand to lose a few pounds". But it's so nice to be married to guy who loves me no matter what. And maybe that's been part of what has made this easier for me. So thanks.

If you want to hear me rambling on about the food and the diet, etc. you can always check the food blog HERE - but this is just to say Thanks to everyone for helping me get to this point.

I appreciate it!


Rae said...

What an awesome husband!! That is part of the reason it has taken me so long to get on this "losing weight/get healthy" kick. Andy loves me for me, no matter what. He has never complained and has always made me feel beautiful and worth something. So now it is my turn to feel good about me. But it really helps that husbands support their wives!

Téa said...

Oh wow, I had no idea *you* were bandanamom. I've read your comments here and there on the 'nacle (though I haven't made the rounds much lately).

How fun to put a familiar name/face to an online identity! And congrats on the progress you write about in this post--may your journey continue to be as satisfying and productive as you want it to be.


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