Monday, March 24, 2008

Talkin' Bout My Generation

I haven't posted in a while because I always feel that I have nothing to say and too much to say at the same time, and not enough time to put together a cohesive thought.

I was listening to Kurt Cobain today and thinking about how sort of weird it is to be a 40 year old mom who likes Kurt Cobain. I can't totally explain that in a way that seems completely consistent and logical, all I can tell you is I really, really like him and Nirvana. I don't listen to Nirvana all the time, but when I'm in the right mood, it's kind of the perfect thing. And I also still totally love so much of the music from my growing up years. The Clash, Psychedlic Furs, The Cure, The Smiths, New Order, Violent Femmes - these are all some of my favorite things in life.

Kurt Cobain came along and rocked my world when I was already married and had a little baby, but Depeche Mode and The Thompson Twins were the soundtrack of my youth.

Sometimes I feel like revisiting my childhood, and I put Earth Wind & Fire, Andy Gibb and Stevie Wonder on replay, and that feels nice too. That feels like 6th grade at the roller skating rink on a friday night.

Wham and Boy George feel like saturday night at the dance club with the scent of Le Sport perfume in the air and neon everywhere.

Janes Addiction feels like "Plastique" in Provo and high heeled witch boots with long fake pearls and glitter on my cheeks.

Kurt Cobain feels like ripped jeans and reading on rainy days.

Being a part of generation x is a little strange.

I would not have been caught dead listening to my mom's music when I was in jr. high or high school. My mom's music mostly consisted of a heavy rotation of Elvis. My mom loves Mr. Presley in a big way. I thought he was cool until I was about 10 and then I abandoned Elvis for The BeeGees.

But my kids, 1 part of generation y, and 2 millennials, don't mind my music at all. Which seems weird - but makes me happy.

I mean Holden does definitely roll his eyes if I've got the Bonnie Pointer on - but The Cure or The Smiths he listens to almost as often as I do. In fact The Smiths seems to be making a bit of a comeback among his friends - as though they are just discovering something really cool for the first time. But I found them first.

And although I do not particularly love some of Holden's music - it has a harsh edge and not enough melody for my liking at times - I find we agree more often than we disagree. And sometimes I am listening to something new that I love and Holden will say "Who is this?" and my reply might be "Modest Mouse" or "Badly Drawn Boy" - and Holden will raise an eyebrow at me and say "oh...I like those guys". Which makes me smile inside. Which makes me feel that although many parts of me are 'mom-like' and dorky, maybe there is still a remnant of cool deep inside me.


Susan M said...

I grew up listening to those same bands (in fact, weird coincidence, I just a few minutes ago posted a review of a DVD about Kurt Cobain at, and my kids are teenagers now and think it's really cool to tell their friends they have a mom who listens to the stuff I do. (I'm into some crazy stuff, even by teenage standards.) You sound like a cool mom!

Cynthia said...

I think I missed the entire 80's. I got caught up in Sesame Street music for a few years and forgot to be an independant adult with my own music tastes. Once I got out of the loop, I found it hard to get back into any kind of loop at all.
btw - you are a pretty cool mom.

two forks said...

i have seen badly drawn boy in concert and was so close to the stage i think he may have spit on me! we also live in the same neighborhood as the famous nirvana house... i love nirvana. for me it is my 8th grade graduation dance followed by his death in 1994 when everyone wore black to my high school.

p.s. i also was blessed to have amazingly cool parents who listened to really cool music and still do! rock on.

--a fellow generation Xer


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