Monday, January 21, 2008

Roxanne Photos

Finally finished with the Roxanne Photos! I'll get a CD to her this week, Kirk's already started painting some of them - but here are all the best ones in a slideshow. Kirk also took photos of a guy named Aaron this week - in some of the same locations we took the Roxanne photos. I might share some of those in a slideshow later. These are all references for a show coming up in September at Brio Fine Arts in Scottsdale. After the show the paintings will go to the Art One Gallery. Kirk is a little nervous because this show is just for him, and there will not be any of the usual Thursday night traffic from the art walk patrons. So please consider coming to the show to support him in September.


Cynthia said...

These photos are really fun to look at. Roxanne had a good time with you guys and is happy with what you did. I can't wait to see what Kirk's going to do with them.
You've got an eye for quirky places to use as backdrops. That graffiti spot can't just be random graffiti? was it a billboard or an advertisement or what?

two forks said...

where was that location? i really love it!

Bandanamom said...

We lucked out with the locations. The one with the yellow and black and blue graffiti wall is on 7th street on the side of a business - I can't remember what it is for sure - it's by the tea house that's near Central High School - almost across the street from BAP? The other graffiti is a dumpster behind the Ice House on Jackson downtown and murals painted on a random wall near the Bentley Projects (kinda). The others are at Willo Bread on McDowell, a warehouse garage door on 3rd Avenue and near Fremont? downtown and the others are inside the tunnel that links Biltmore shopping and the Esplanade. There are tons of cool places downtown, depending on the time of day and the lighting.


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