Monday, September 10, 2007

That's what Life should be made of

That's what Life should be made of
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Dude. I should not have done it. I should not have really tried the Ben & Jerry's.

I like ice cream. I don't know if I love ice cream, but I like it very much. I hardly ever, almost never, buy it though. Because 1. I can totally live without it and 2. If I buy it, I'll just eat it right?

When I was a kid there was only like one brand of ice cream my mom would buy - it was a local dairy who stocked their ice cream in the grocery store. My mom only really liked maple nut ice cream. My dad only really liked vanilla with chocolate sauce. So I don't know, between the two choices I just never really was that thrilled with either flavor. I was more of a strawberry girl. And my mom would never buy strawberry so there you go.

As an adult I will get ice cream on a weekend - something to go do with my husband or with the kids or something. Kirk likes vanilla and sometimes I will get natural vanilla for him from the grocery store. But that's about it.

So why on a whim at the grocery store the other day did I decide to try Pistacio Pistacio by Ben & Jerry's? I really can't explain it. It was a complete impulse buy. And then at the last minute the Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler was calling to me too and I bought both. And here's the worst part...eventually, over the course of the weekend, I ATE both.


And guess what? They were heavenly. Seriously, ridiculously heavenly. I thought "who on earth are these hippie middle aged men from Vermont to be serving up nirvana in the form of some frozen cream"? It's horribly, horribly good. And heavenly...did I say that already? Did I mention Nirvana?

Anyway. With both containers successfully emptied I thought I could move on...get it out of my head. I got that little episode out of my system, no reason to buy that evil peach ice cream ever again (okay the pistacio was awesome but the peach...I think it's the one food I would pick when they pose that question "if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life" I would totally pick that dang ice cream).

So I was at the circle K tonight and I accidently ran into my good friends Ben & Jerry. And they coerced me into buying another new flavor "Peanut Butter Cup". I've managed to safely lock it away in the freezer for now but my resolve is wearing thin.

This is bad, yes?


Jared & Heidi said...

I, for one, DO love ice cream. I claim I only eat it 4 times a week, but my husband begs to differ. Thanks to you, it looks like I will be checking out a few new flavors! ;)

Bandanamom said...

If you know what's good for you, you will not actually try those flavors!

I'm glad to hear you went to the playgroup at Elizabeth's.

I do think there are a few more moms of your age (or close) in Biltmore who are home with small children. That can all change with a few move-ins though - wait and see, I predict by January there will be someone or many new someones in our ward. It happens all the time.


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