Monday, June 04, 2007


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I'm back. It's starting to feel slightly schizophrenic this back and forth and back and forth thing. A few hours ago I was taking my kids to the Madison pool and a now I'm in Lehi - home of these flour mills.

Remember that movie Footloose? This was where Kevin Bacon (or rather his character) worked. They filmed that whole movie in Lehi at the flour mills, at the local high school and in the surrounding area. When I was 16 and a Junior in High School my friends and I got this idea that we should come to Provo for the weekend. Now to drive to Provo from Rexburg Idaho is about a 5 hour drive on perfect roads in good weather. It was "spring" , which in Idaho means, there's still snow. I think, although I'm not sure, it was March. Tina's dad said we could use her parents car - they had a VW Rabbit, which was relatively new. It was me, Tina Marlowe, Tirzah Thompson, Kari Hammar and Alicia Hansen. We drove to Provo and stayed with our friend Jenny Perkins who had moved to the Orem/Provo area from Rexburg a few years before. We stayed at Jenny's house and went to the movies and went out to eat and went to the mall - girly stuff like that. The movie we saw was "Footloose" and we all loved it.

Several things amaze me about this now. (aside from the love of Footloose - which I'm not going to apologize for - I'll still watch it if it comes on late night tv). Our parents let us do this? Doesn't this seem kind of amazing? They must have really thought that we were very trustworthy! And we were - I'm not saying that - but I think a lot of parents would hestitate to let five 16 year old girls head off in winter weather in a VW Rabbit - each of us with just maybe $100 to our name.

I specifically remember my mom giving me $100 and I had an awesome time on that $100 - I bought clothes at the mall - we ate out all weekend, I helped pay for gas and I came home with money left over! That's amazing too!

What a great time in life to be so young and kind of clueless.

It's weird to me too that most of my friends still live in Rexburg. They moved away for a while but they all ended up back there. That's a whole other blog for another day.

I just remember driving past those flour mills on the way back from Provo to home, after seeing them movie, and the "Footloose" song came on the radio as we were driving by - and there were 5 girls in a compact car screaming and singing all the way to Salt Lake.

So I think about that when I drive past this every day and I smile.


two forks said...

footloose was filmed in lehi!??!?!?!!? oh wow, i love the kevin bacon dance seen.

Bandanamom said...

I know cool huh? I think a lot of people don't know that it was filmed in Lehi. It looked a lot more rural in the 80s. Now there's a McDonald's across the street from the flour mills with one of those glass enclosed big plastic tubes playgrounds inside.

two forks said...

oops, scene, not seen. there's my byu communications education at work!


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