Saturday, June 24, 2006

Summer - no time!

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I thought things would calm down a bit with summer, but I'm still as busy as ever. I drive the kids to swim and dive every morning and by the time we get back home it's around noon. Weekends are killer because I need to catch up on bills and shopping, cleaning, etc. and the kids are getting really bored. It's getting too hot for them to want to swim in our pool. Which always cracks me up. They can't wait to go swimming when it's like March and I won't even consider going near it because it's WAY too cold. But right around now - in full swing of summer, they are swimmed out. They'll have to be coaxed and begged to get into until school starts, then it will start to seem appealing again. Kids. I dont want to sound like one of those moms...when I was a kid, etc, but seriously, when I was a kid the best we had was one of those dumb plastic swimming pools you fill with the hose and we had so much delight every summer in using those things - now it seems like disgusting water with a lot of grass blades floating about not to mention the odd bee - but at the time it was close as we were going to get to having our own pool. KIDS.

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