Thursday, November 10, 2011

COLORful homes

Okay it's suppose to be like day 10 of my gratitude list and I skipped yesterday - sort of by accident and sort of because I'm doing the house cure which includes a media fast.  So it was kind of by accident and kind of on purpose.  Any days I miss I'll make up with a list on Thanksgiving Day.

Today I was looking at a all the color entries on the room for color contest.  Even though I made it into the contest this year, I have not been vote grubbing like I did last time.  I kind of figure that I probably bugged people about as much as a person is allowed, and although I REALLY would have liked one of the 4 $1,000 prizes this time (that wasn't an option when I was in the contest before - I wish!, even though I made it into the quarter finals, I only got a book), I would just kind of announce that I'm in the contest and then let it go however it's going to go without bugging anyone. 

Well it's not going well I can tell you that!  But I have a ton of competition, and honestly, based in the competition, I shouldn't win anyway.  It is so fun to see all great uses of color in just everyday people's homes.  These aren't designers' and the photos weren't being shot for a fancy magazine or anything, and that's what I love about it.  Seeing how people embrace color in their homes is really inspiring. 

So here are some of my favorites in the competition.  I've included their main paint color as well in case you wanted to utilize their choices in your own decor at home. 

And if you're feeling like you'd like to go 'favorite' some of these (or mine...for my entry specifically, click here) in the contest - you still have time if you hurry up and click on this link here.

Emily's Retro Fun - C2 Paint, Orange Chutney


Bridget's Jewel Box - Farrow & Ball Tiffany

Cory's Orange Kick - Behr's Orange Tabby

Gigi's Crisp Cobalt - Benjamin Moore Admiral Blue
Jamie's Darwinian Adventure - Behr Elephant Gray

Katelyn's Modern Ocean - Valspar Ocean Blue

Anna's Whimsy - Behr Earth Green

Ashley's Compliments - Behr Hearthstone Gray
Ashely's Muted Elements - Valspar Tropical Bay

Caroline's Pop Art - Frazee White Wall
Eve's Hot Jewel - Valspar Tangerine

Jessie's Lavendar Crush - Behr Lavendar Purple

Kristina's Cuban Vacation - Behr Retro Shag Gold

Lauren's Exciting Calm - Behr Custom Green

Michele's Happy Daze - Behr Patio Gray
Monica's Soft Chartruese - True Value Kingsberry
Sarah's Fornasetti - Frazee Perfectly Gray
Molly's Moody Glam - Benjamin Moore Navy Black

Natasha's Coral Happy - Ellen Kennon's Caribe


Christina Martinez said...

Each one of these rooms made me happy! I think I need more color in my life.

Rodney Orton said...

Tall, glass windows would be ideal for my own room since they allow more natural light and fresh air inside, just like the windows in Caroline's Pop Art room. Witnessing the sunrise and sunset everyday would be a very blissful experience.


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